To All the Vegans out there...

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  1. Haha. All good, bud. I do love me some good protein. :lol: thx for the thread.
  2. People take fat dumps on vegans because they always feel the need to take a fat dump on other people. :(
  3. Aye some of them need a smack in the face with a kilo of fatty, juicy steak. Most have good hearts but get angered easily. Same as everyone else gets angry at certain things.
    Child molesters, racist killings, cop killings... All akin to killing animals for no reason in their eyes.
    I'll never be a vegan but I'm smart enough to get why they lose their **** sometimes.
  4. A lot of meats have started giving me really awful heartburn lately. Honestly it's making me consider going mostly-vegetarian.
  5. People go vegan for many reasons some being moral reasons and health reasons. Animal products has saturated fat and cholesterol which increase your chance of getting a heart attack, stroke ect ect blah blah blah
  6. I heard pork can give you super powers? A doctor told me this, can anyone else confirm?
  7. Most people go vegan cause they wanna try be cool or celeb culture or cause they have inflated ego's and like to look down on people.

    I eat meat because its how nature intended it.

    These vegan morons dont realise if it wasnt for there ancestors eating meat they wouldnt be here to try n go against nature.
  8. Vegans and vegetarians are idiots
  9. [​IMG]

    1. half pound beef brisket

    2. half pound pulled pork

    3. half bbq chicken

    4. half rack pork spare ribs

    5. bratwurst lunch today, could someone please send Word to my table please? need more mimosa

  10. Fatfag, eat quorn get healthy
  11. Some people have to go vegetarian/vegan for health reasons. And if everyone gave into all temptations, the world would be much worse than it already is...*shudders*

    To each their own, mate. Eating meat at every meal isn't any more "natural" than not eating any meat at all, and the way most meat is produced in affluent countries is anything but.

    That thread with vegan op made -100 sense, how did you get inspired by that lol.
  12. if I'm honest, I saw it right when it was posted, so I went to get those pictures to post there. then, after uploading them all, I came back to KaW to see that it was locked. I was not about to let that time be wasted, so here we are :lol:
  13. Being vegan isn't necessarily unnatural. We're omnivores. We can choose so long as we have the resources.
    And it doesn't matter what our ancestors did. We can do different.
  14. To all the ppl who keep talking about our "ancestors":
    We ain't exactly the same as we were back then. At the time the amount of vegetables/fruits we ate depended on seasons and stuff so it was impossible to just eat them and be veg.
    Also, it ain't like they had the longest of lifespans so stay open minded.
    Vegans/vegetarians also have a lower chance of cancer but probably best for more research to be done on "healthy eating".
    For the while I'm still enjoying meat but am testing Quorn food and stuff from time to time
  15. Us omnivores and carnivores in this thread need not bring salts for our food.

    The vegans in this thread will provide all the saltiness.
  16. Stupidest comment yet. Because raising cattle hasn't caused massive deforestation of the Amazon, right?
  17. I'm not even vegan and never plan to be but the sheer lack of a mental capacity of some of you people is literally breaking my brain cells. I can feel them dying.
  18. A steak would look exactly like that if properly cooked.
  19. Eat meat hosers