To all Omets

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  1. Valor is a twisted pre-menopausal he-she that doesn't get enough ****** action. Glad it finally bit her in the ass.

    After her comments towards apoc members, does no one remember that she agreed to strip her own sub clan to save her own ass?

    The hippocrocapig tried farming me when she was several times my size until I made two of her clannies reset  still have ss.

    Always had a bad attitude and now she hasn't got imf on side is finally being shown as the piece of **** that she actually is.
  2. I also like a comment I read earlier, not sure who said it but not taking all credit.

    Valor, please post a selfie, I've drank quite a lot of jd and need to be up early for work, could do with being sick
  3. Please stick the topic. Thanks.
  4. support to family 爪モ尺匚ㄚ 工ち 下◯尺 匕卄モ 山モ丹Ҝ ✯☠CƦ/KøTҒE/ ŦṨ/ ₩ØG/ᎦᎬ/ĦᎥŦ☠✯
  5. Got to love omets! They will kick your ass
  6. LMFAO olly... did u get hit on head today... REALLY hard?
  7. care to show your main? or is that all we get to see?
  8. Lol i am my main
  9. Still support to omets
  10. Bummer he is so small.
  11. even my alt who i created 2 weeks ago is too bug to hit:lol:
  12. @Pink, your comment just shows you to be a bigot. Raise the bar on your insult capability and you'll do better.

    @Applehurl, you're too ugly to be a lesbian, your application is denied

    @deano, wow after all this time you still haven't grown much 
  13. So from leader of a well respected clan to forum troll .... That's gonna hurt I guess . Reduced to name calling respected clan leaders n players even ur ex clannies .. Yep the butthurt is strong..

    But fear not 

    An opening has arrived for u to rise onto ur pedestal once again 




    ️ there u go ya got the job start Monday ️
  14. Post is old and boring
  15. Do Omets still do the hire a farmer thing or is that redundant now?
  16. Lol val considering I was a gh when you tried to "teach me a lesson" I've grown quite a bit 
  17. As one of the older players in this game (Age, not experience), all I can find myself stating at this stage is this: It's just a game. There's absolutely nothing to be gained from gathering up a huge group to take out another group with with a 10:1 ratio but people looking down upon you and smirking. It merely goes to show just how bored some people must be. I'm certainly not going to take sides in this as I have friends on both sides, though seriously? It really just goes to show the true situation when a certain side feels the need to outnumber the 'enemy' so grossly.