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  1. @ FatMinny
    Honestly quit the game. No one likes kids like you on here.
  2. ^Wrong, without skinny there'd be no drama.
  3. You're right. Sorry skinny. We all need a drama queen
  4. Been to most of them Rikki, bogans are a breed to themselves but still human. I think. 
  5. Canadian Hosers!

    Yah guess your right.

    Your just jelly you're not a hoser eh
  6. What's the point of the thread exactly ?
  7. iE dragon born. Come back to iE. We need Aussies
  8. Over 1million downloads and only 33k active players. We have a problem. This is a great game, but devs are trying to make a profit and drives people away. I only see ads for smash on other sites. Kaw is definitely better.
  9. Nimbin is a great place rikki! You take that back
  10. I thought he was a Queenslander.
  11. Hey now, I grew up in the pines

  12. Skinny is aussie an trolling you.