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  1. I personally think that this game is not getting popular because you keep making upgrades for the better people, therefore the new players have no chance of being good so they quit. I think a good idea is maybe reset the game. Give people there xstals and things they bought back. I think not only will this help get money for you guys but this game will do better and be more popular. This is just an idea and i know all the people who are good and spent money are gonna not support, but just think about it. I think this game is going to run out of business just like gaw and fc.

    - jobo

    Sorry for no bbcodes i havnt wrote a thread in a while.
  2. Black Magic
  3. Nice try.
  4. Hmmmmmmnnm interesting
  5. If they carry on as they are doing (ata) I can actually see kaw being pulled of the Istore to be completely honest.
  6. why is everything so red here ?o_O
  8. Holy Hell !
    How Did You Do It.. o_O

    BTW Its Red Magic

  9. Teach Me Too Dear Lord.
    This Is So Much Fun !
  10. I dont see why people keep making these threads. You can still get the tier 7 upgrades, its not like they are exclusive to only the players with the biggest stats in KaW. It may be easier for them to get them, but you can get them as well. You just have to play the game, upgrade and continue to get better, and earn them.
  11. If you really want the devs I hear your request, you best send it directly to them at so they look at it. The devs don't really look at the forums at all.

    I do support this idea...somewhat
  12. The amount of time that requires however is so big, it is also the reason for why so many newer players quit.
  13. And why so many old players continue playing.
  14. Who you calling an old player? 
  15. This is crap. Its MMORPG not a 7 year olds brick game u reset when u are losing(I still don't until I lose for real).
    All this game needs is more advertising expenditure by the AtA
    And for those who think that's the chase is endless and can't be achieved without spending:-
    Yes that's true. Even if u are very active it will take u more than 2 years to complete abyss without spending hard cash BUT this game is not just about being build complete. Its about being the best in your league or one of the best.
    There is a lot to this game than being lc/bc. U can merc, u can do ee, PvP, osw. Ask friends around your own stats and iniate a system war/skirmish.
    MANY WAYS TO HAVE FUN! (Kinda hijacking the thread but I am lazy to make a new one)
    So I list what I think is the problem here:-
    1) Hit range too long.
    2) Game Mechanics too hard for a majority of minds to understand fast. Make a better starting experience. Don't give away things( thats manipulative) the newbies should be on life support system. They should have 'adventures' set for them that will help them understand the game.
    3) Make a WC silence when someone spams with ads. Not a 24 hour full scale silence. That's apish.
    4) Limit xtalls to 6 per day when there is a PvP event. That will be more fair to teens who can't spend money but only the precious time of their young life's(like me).

    thats lame devs spend and expand this game. Or it will die and people will move on.
  16. I originally found kaw due to a large number of ads that i was seeing in a short period of time. I ignored the app i initially due to the childish artwork in the app store (thank god that rubbish has gone).

    i eventually caved in one bored rainy day...many years ago and i liked it.

    I have not seen any kaw ad since. Hard to keep a solid stream of new blood coming through the door when they dont know kaw exists. Its not like its a top 10, 20...or even top 100 game anymore.
  17. Not you 4 year lol
  18. That whole promo for the KaW poster was a big ad campaign.
  19. A game that disvalues the work and effort of years of work by players doesnt sound like a good game. And with cash u can make now compared to what you made years back is nothing, catching up isnt as bad as it could be.