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  1. Anyway stay on topic please.
  2. I support dis!!
  3. The "nazi sign" was from a religion. if you are posting it then I am on topic, idiot
  4. Great thread! Support to my friends! I may hop on sometime soon ;) good luck
  5. The swastika is actually a symbol for peace and eternity. Come on now, that is high school history.
  6. I said stay on topic or ill ask you to leave we have went off topic and now we are back.
  7. Seriously though. Does your clan name come from a train station or where exactly did it come from? Just curious.
  8. Lol he said stay on topic. Bum
  9. It's kinda on topic

    But no we are not sure lol

    I googled it and the name is the name of some big shot family or something like that

    The ownership was passed to owner so owner ain't sure either

    It's a bummer
  10. @CrashXHelmet
    As OP stated, the clan was given to me. I never asked about the clan name.
  11. Support to the family!
  12. Not bad lil man. Support this thread and the hard work u did
  13. Support, good thread!
  14. Nice thread Luck 
  15. Acc on come meet the guys
  16. Yes chad we deserve 4 stars thanks for the awesome review! We were hopping for five tho :(
  17. Is Tittering a present participle of some activity verb?.. What exactly are you doing when you are Tittering!!?
  18. @Ashes, Tittering is the present participle of the word Titter, which means "give a short, half-suppressed laugh; giggle." As I said earlier, I was given Ownership of the clan. I wasn't the creator nor the founder.