Tips for Contacting Support and Getting a Faster Response

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  1. Help I want my old account back and not sure how to do it I sold my old iPad and have knew one.
  2. KaW has made a cool story, bros.

    I'm screwed
  4. Don't do what darknight did...
  5. Ok,
    Thanks for the info!
  6. Rebecca Black - Friday (Official Video)
  7. Pls wall me what is pimd
  8. Yes. What is pmid?
  9. Party
  10. Awwww they didnt put "P.S. We Love You" at the end :(
  11. Wow when'd this come out... Dang. I missed the devs newest thread.
  12. Kaw, stop spamming the forums with this stuff, there are SOOO many threads on this already. If you keep going, I'm going to have to ask colonial to recommend a forum ban and your threads/posts deleted.

    :twisted: Anarchy! :twisted:
  13. 101 post!
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Not open for further replies.