Tips And Tricks For Easy Kawing

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  1. Tips And Tricks For Easy Kawing

    Starting Off
    When you start of the game shows you a tutorial. That tutorial shows you how to attack people, unlock land, place buildings and talk in chat but the things it doesn't show you what to do, are the most important
    For example
    How to join a clan.
    How to attack EB'S (epic Battles)
    How to make friends and follow each other
    And most important that I think is how to get equipment and use it.

    So this is how to join a clan

    1:go into the world chat.
    2:type that you are looking for a clan. And send it and wait a few minutes
    3:after a few people have gone onto your wall and told you to join their clan pick one person then click there name.
    4:eek:nce you have done that,it brings you to their profile scroll down and find there clan and click it. And then click apply
    5:you won't automatically be accepted but just wait and soon you will be in a clan

    How to fight EB'S/Epic Battles

    1:go to your home screen and click the monster image
    2:it might say starting in 15minutes or less or saying ending in 25minutes for example.
    3:when it says ending in... U can attack it, click it and then click attack choose attack, assassinate, scout or steal
    4:if it's a successful attack keep attacking until u run out of troops or it says defeated
    5:if it says defeated it means your army is too weak for that certain Epic Battle
    6:eek:nce the eb is over you get even more gold. Not counting the gold you get every hit. Use this gold to be allies and upgrading your buildings in your Kingdom section.

    How to follow people and chat

    When talking in world chat you use speakers which you don't have unlimited off. So when you make a friend and want to chat more you can click their name which leads to their profile, then click follow. When they follow back you can go on their profile click chat and then you talk to them forever

    Will Finish When I Have Time
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  3. Im still posting it'll take time. They aren't all original probably but I haven't gone somewhere and copied and pasted. Just posting what I did when I started off

    Also there is more threads like this but I haven't seen many active ones so felt like I could make another to help the new people our. If anyone has questions, ideas or tips for me just reply and ill read as soon as possible
  4. Ok cool! :D
  5. Np need to post this. Titan has just made an updated and new guide for new players. Good to see your helping but it may be confusing for new players to read different guides.
  6. You seem to be having there/their trouble OP.
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