Tinker's Gem

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Although we are not ready to comment on what this item is for we have are making a quick update to it.

    You may have noticed a new item in the Marketplace in the Atk Section Called:

    Tinker's Gem

    It still has a powerful glow but you can tell it was once brighter.
    Cost = 75,000,000
    Attack: +1
    Defense: +0
    Spy Attack: +0
    Spy Defense: +0

    Despite it's impressive stats... Some players have already picked up over 20,000 of them! We love the enthusiasm but are changing the max number players may own to 1. (Trust us, you wont need more than 1 at a time)

    We are also changing the cost = 100,000,000

    Any players who have many many Tinker's Gems may head to the store and sell them back for 75,000,000 if they would like.

    Thanks and stay tuned for more!
  2. 100,000,000?!? How will I ever afford one? I am merely a lowly peasant.

    Also, when selling the thing you only get 7,500,000. Could you make it at least 75%?

    And the description of the item is cut off on the iOS both on profile and in the marketplace.
  3. Lol 20k that's nuts
  4. I can own 1 max?... M8.. I ain't got time to keep buyin new ones.
  5. Price is showing up as 10,000,000 at the moment
  6. Removed it from the store for now to give tables time to update.

  7. Unable to buy game item: Invalid item 7258 in game 1
  8. So, what does it do? 
  9. I got 3k of them

    If we don't sell them back, do we lose them? Say I don't sell mine, do I lose 2999 of them?
  10. its not in my marketplace and I have lastest version... means I dont need it right?
  11. ...on a side note, you're doing a really good job Charlie. I think everyone appreciates it. 
  12. Will i get a refund? xD
  13. I bought one and forgot to deselect it when hitting ASOF. RIP, :( .
  14. Psst, Charlie

    is this for the new EB? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  15. You can buy one again
  16. We have are making a quick update...

    Grammar, mother brother, do you know it!! :lol:
  17. I got 101 of em. Will keep em n cross my fingers it was a good idea