timer speed ups during events or for ever

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by jorgegamal, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. I wish you as a player could speed the timer of the EBS Wars Etc using crystals or nobility during events or anytime it would be nice to see that happen in the future well tell me what you guys think about this
  2. This needs some elaboration... Speed up timer of EBs and wars for what reason?
  3. To make teh dough fassttaah
  4. To increase the amount of ebs or wars that u can do during a limited amount of time like events or because u don't want to wait the 15 min and u want to start it fast
  5. I think the OP meant the 15 minutes waiting time for epic battles to start, but I'm not sure how he/she meant it should be for wars.
  6. What you ask for is already possible.
    Ebs are sped up if everyone uses nobs and xtals anyways.

    No point speeding an EE war because I think the duration is ok and an idea of players who can change its duration is just not right.

    Speeding event rewards up is credible though. It would be pretty good if people could just have a collect now button and collect their rewards whenever they want before Event deadline ends.
  7. In the past there used to be lots of wars I just left it as an open statement that you could speed both war an EBS if you wanted to using crystals or nobility
  8. Man we need more detail.......
  9. I been 5 years on this game and I have come and go but during does 5 years i have always seen the same timer 15 min to start a war or an Eb every time all I am saying is that if you had the possibility of speeding the timer to start in an instant using nobility or crystals would be nice.
  10. Could be do able with nobs... Considering that you can get lots of nobs for free
  11. Both nobility or crystals would be good just keep it open on the option to speed it up
  12. You need more ways to spend money on kaw?
  13. No support.The timer is there for a reason and it would be unwise to change it.
  14. Is not changing If u don't want to spend nobility or crystals besides kaw is gaining here there having a new way to make money
  15. This all a suggestion that would be nice to have a speed up for timers