Time To Retire, Enough with the Pay2Play

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  1. Exactly. This concept may work in reallife where the participants cant leave. Workers will be slaves while the upper 0.1% celebrate 24/7 like in Many dystopical scifi-scenarios.

    But in kaw the "workers" will just leave...

  2. Too true too true, it should be noted also that while everyone else is now struggling to even afford the ug, those who have already upgraded are cleaning up making a 1.7tril on a eb.... Good luck trying to buy those allies after all imagine how much more gold they will have accumulated it's end of days I guess.
  3. Maybe following you soon bud
    Probably alot more will too
  4. Yep they've really screwed the game now after all the promises when they shut down Future Combat and GAW screwing a lot of us in the process. Spent money in those game BUT refuse to support the greedy turds any more . This game is strictly for spare time while I play other games that listen to those that put money in their pockets
  5. I'm top 1500 and I still have 7 lands to buy. Even IMF said this update not needed.
  6. Its our fault not the devs, just quit spending money on these stupid events and seals. If we are dumb enough to keep throwing them money then why would they stop? Kaw wide hte boycott and farm those who don't help. This is the solution but collectively we won't do it.
  7. If you find a better game, let me know.

    I'm sure it woun't be that hard to find.
  8. It is most certainly not our fault. Human nature will ensure competition and we are programmed to progress within an arena and a specific set of rules designed by the developers. It is their responsibility to ensure a solid game foundation that strikes a balance between customer satification and profit. ATA needs both to survive.
  9. ATA doesnt think about players who cant or dont want to spend money.. they just wnna earn more and more money.. kaw/pimd isnt fun anymore like it was b4.. only the ones who r rich can enjoy the game