Time To Retire, Enough with the Pay2Play

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  1. Good luck. This game not worth spending money on ;)
  2. Take care Mix  live it up brother
  3. Same, but I just spent $11 so I guess I'm not done.
  4. Reset yet? Reset or bs.
  5. Think its time for me to go as well..this thread good enough as any to say it..just dont wanna spend anymore money on this game ..achieving bc just isnt something im willing to drop $2000 dollars on..lots of friends i made the last couple years are gone..just a few remain ..hate to go but its time.
  6. Exactly! Have you ever seen a heroine addict say they quit heroine. Suck it up and reset-stop seeking attention.
  8. Same here. Primal is gonna be dead too if devs doesn't fix the matchup. Delaying S5 doesn't help too. Probably play more dominations and clash of clans.
  9. Gl John----
  10. @Zontho and I guess by proxy IMF

    Wouldnt BFA change proportionally to stat changes? All your allies and growing to obscene stats as well which means theoretically each new land or building should positively affect your BFA in the same way it affects everyone else with active allies and no change occurs
  11. Good riddance
  12. Zethy, no. Stats from buildings have given more power per gold spent (versus picking up allies instead) since the latest series of updates. This has resulted in players across the board dropping allies or using funds from any allies sold to upgrade buildings instead. And we all know buildings can't be stripped away from you in osw.

    Only those with an enormous stockpile of allies prepared to grow immediately upon release will see a partial recovery of strength.

    Players on lb (cept maybe the top 2) with high bfa have only seen their effectiveness in attacking or stealing a target weaken.
  13. Support an Gl in rl op
  14. Good luck bro.
  15. you right to retire devs only bother for hte hitters not for warriors , so leave this game
    thats why coc is 100 time better than kaw where name of game is not what really in the game

    please change the name of kaw to kah so again kah get top 10 grossers because this game is only for hte hitter so name change to kingdoms at hte
  16. @IMF

    I understand your point and there's no arguing it; you're right. However, as long as the devs do not screw up the game entirely and push out more buildings, the LB in the long run will be even better off than before as their allies grow. Not exactly what you want to hear but I hope you get what I am saying that it's not all bad, in the future atleast.
  17. I don't see how a game with less active players, run off because of decisions like this, will make it any better for LB in the future.

    Not only do actions like these mess up mechanics but they alienate player base and force people out of the game completely. Which leads to a domino effect. Less players=less bfa that grows. I know this first hand because ALL of my allies quit on last round of buildings released. 3-4 came back after a few months just to see another dumb building release. I'll bet they quit again now and who can blame them.
  18. Also, I'm ranked 3,000 LB. I haven't even unlocked all HF lands, and only 5 abyss unlocked. That means there are less than 3,000 that could possibly even be close to Utilizing these new builds(I'd actually guess less than 1,000). With the cost of the new buildings I would estimate that not even 3,000 people will BC before the game servers shut down.

    Redstar and cella WILL own the 1,000 largest players. The only ones that upgrade will be owned by red/cella. I don't see how that helps LB either.