Time To Retire, Enough with the Pay2Play

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  1. well, what can i say? good luck in real life bud.
  2. Good luck buddy. Many of us will be following u I'm sure. 
  3. yeah remix !! this is the high time to say good bye !!!
  4. This is one of the few "pay to play"games you don't have to drop money on to grow.. I dare not mention the many that force you into it but basically every other mobile "pay to play" out there. Ya, you'll grow a lot slower then a guy dropping a hundo a month but oh well.. Still lots of fun and lots of competitors in my wheel house.
  5. R.I.P GaW 
  6. Cu in heaven
  7. We will all be joining you
  8. You'll be missed Battle 
  9. Good luck my friend 
  10. G luck in rl
  11. you'll never walk alone,TC.
  12. RESPECT

    i ask me, which time wake ATA up?
  13. Best of luck irl. Sucks to see so many great players leaving but at the end of the day irl comes first before a game so enjoy :)
  14. Skål Battle 

    Enjoy RL and good luck for your future adventures️
  15. He'll bb when they announce s5. Ill bet some1 a seal. Thats why he didnt reset
  17. They've lost a mod already cause of this. Damn they still haven't even answered our feedback. The devs suck.