Time To Retire, Enough with the Pay2Play

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  1. It's time to stop putting myself to play this game, it's been almost 4 years and yet the developers still want's more money profit from those biggest money spenders than to fix what needs to be fix for free which includes War Crystals or the Road Map which they promised.

    I had enough with this Pay To Play game. I expected Season 5 to be very soon but then the devs decided to put new Tier upgrades instead. What a shame......

    And 1 more thing devs,

    "Rating this game 1 star, negative -1 if possible"
  2. Gonna be missed man. Good luck. :shock:
  3. Good luck in real life. Another good kaw'er gone
  4. Awesome warrior I've gotten to know over the years we've played together, good luck bud.

    Keep kickin ass
  5. I'll be sure to follow soon if nothing changes with this pay2win nonsense.

    Playing VERY casually during the summer & quitting after if nothing improves.
  6. Same
  7. God forbid a business try to make money.
    The whole point of this app is profit, not to pleasure you. If you do not like it, do not pay, that simple.
  8. what do you always say, "no1curr"? good riddance
  9. Tyrannosaurus, the point of this app is to make profit, yes, but it will not continue to do so if it does not bring pleasure to it's customers.
  10. Try playin statless nooblet
  11. A fair point Jesus, so they are looking for the balance between profit and public pleasure.
  12. If they were looking for a balance people wouldn't care.
    But they aren't, which is why people make a fuss and quit.
  13. Then leave. However I'm sure thy are making enough profit to be unconcerned by this movement.
  14. See ya tomorrow. Reset or BS
  15. It's been a pleasure going against you buddy in this osw, made a good friend as well, good luck irl.