Time to have some fun.

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  1. The developers said they wanted to work with player ran events so let's see if they keep their word with this.

    Now there will always and forever be only one Farmfest and that is Pure Evil's baby and theirs alone and that event has already ran its course this year. But once upon a time in a land called KaW it wasn't the only pvp event out there.

    There were a few. Some ran a few events, many ran one off deals, most were fun and they all had their little twist and flair that helped separate them.

    From flat out farming to wall crying, to old school system wars to friendly battles they all had their ups and downs and it could not hurt to bring them back. Especially if the devs are willing to help. So let's bring a little war back into the game!

    This post is not an event post or even an idea post, this is a call for the intuitive and creative minds out there!

    I am a person who can come up with 100 ideas and only one of them are good so I'll need some help. So please follow me so we can set up a way to collaborate on some ideas for future pvp events.

    Also, there will be two rules to this set up:

    1: Leave your OSW and Feuds at the door.

    2: The person who comes up with the original idea or comes up with the majority of the content of the event is the one who gets to make the forum thread. They will be allowed to defer to someone else of their choosing.

    Side note, all players will be treated equally and may be thrown out for being a prick. This includes myself. No one will be the leader of the group though durning certain events, the main architect of that event may be consider the lead person for that particular event.

    Personally I'm a bit tired of going heads up with the developers on matters they won't budge on so may as well take the good things and make it great. If we fail, we can always say we tried.
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  7. Awe! I love my fan club! <3
  8. We had Valentines day Massacre a couple times.
  9. Correct and I helped run one of them. They were fun. Jester and I co-created or worked on a few events and that was one she ran. (Maybe once, maybe all of them.)

    Though she quit and if she returned it is with a different user name and account.
  10. Personally, i think if someone wanted to run a "pvp event", they wouldn't need your forum post to encourage them. They would just do it... :?
  11. /\all these people complaining are the same people in the cwt crying about no new content๎’๎’
    How about a event based on gold taken from your targets. This would stop people from using alts or osf/oaf because it would take too much of their own money to be worth it. There would have to be some size scaling but I need more time to get that far.
  12. Isn't meant for encouragement, just browsing for a thank tank with a few players sense most of my player ran event buddies are long retired or barely active.
  13. Miss me? ๎˜
  14. We could do a clan swar sign up thing. Match up clans based on size and do an swar tourney with different brackets so a rank 200's clan doesn't face a top 10 clan ๎’
  15. complete the most EB's in 24 hours.
  16. Farm fest once a year an your giving pure evil all the credit kinda blows but impressive way keep name around pure evil the chucked coupe those was real farmers not like these noobs today sending scouts exclusively
  17. learn mechnics noob