time to clean up marketplace

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  1. I saw a post about removing summer asw thingy

    I agree that should go

    Also I still have...
    - element medals from s5
    - psion
    - and I keep getting voltive ash even though i max ug that ring

    Unless Devs plan to use any of these items - clean it up

    and for those of us who have max ug our ring - give us other drops instead. I dunno how about 1 aqua or 1 inferno or even 1 bronze bar for each voltive ash we have.
  2. support, maybe they should let us sell whatever we don't need!
  3. Lol why does everyone want a free mith color gone thats so stupid i enjoy having color without wasting mith
  4. why all the haters over our asw color whinner you have nothing better to do get out of mommys basement and get a job or something.
  5. Judging by what you just said, and how you used correct grammar, I'm assuming that you're the one still living in your mom's basement.
  6. I fully support the votive ash issue, but asw colour spell should stay til next asw
  7. Because anyone cares about grammar on a game...

    Point invalid.
  8. lol stick to the ebs
  9. IMO the ASW color can stay till next year as someone already stated. However cleaning up event items (and things of similar origin) shouldn't be too hard to get done.

  10. Point invalid? What are you, 12? Grammar never becomes invalid just because it's an online game. Jeff tried to make an insult because the OP didn't want to keep the ASW color. Jeff used ATROCIOUS grammar and got insulted for it. Remove your nose.... and look at things objectively.

    Besides, I don't think many jobs would fault you for living in your parents house. But I'm pretty sure having horrible grammar could limit your job choices.
  11. I wasn't on to use my anniversary crux chests so it would be nice to sell them or to atleast clear them out of my items
  12. comming from a guy with a name igropecarebears geez!!
  13. Honestly

    The banner thingy can stay

    But things like s5 medals and psion - these things need to go

    If we done ug, give us something else

    how about every 2 ashes turns into 1 horn fragment (drops from zoma)