Time for next EB in the Wrath of the Sveruganti EB Series?

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  1. August 2nd 2016 was the release date for Ghomorax of the Highlands, the next epic battle in the Wrath of the Sveruganti EB Series. Players and Clan strength have grown hugely over time

    After the best part of two years surely it is now time for the next Sveruganti EB?

  2. My thought of your thought Devs are smiling 
  3. Very true think it's about time we had some harder ebs not just one either
  4. Agree but this request has been made many times and Devs are just ignoring it.
  5. Old devs ignored it, maybe new devs won't. We will see.
  6. So far new devs have given more xtals so that's a plus and it's bad when a game gets it's devs switched
  7. After 8 years? No one wants the same programming job for 8 years. New blood is good. Brings in fresh eyes and fresh ideas.
  8. Last time I raised this was probably a year after Goth came out. Larger Clans were in favour, smaller Clans/Players felt it was too soon.

    I think most people now agree it is time, if not somewhat overdue.

    So to our New Blood Devs: What do you think?
    Can we please new a new eb to make the Promo Rotation Goth/New EB?
  9. Break the monotony of LOTL and GOTH.
  10. Will the devs only want to make new premium ebs?
  11. Thought it was too soon before, long time coming now

  12. 2 years and 22 days since GoTH Launched, can we please get the next EB?????
  13. ???????????? Of The Hoarfrost.

    I'm already hyped.
  14. Support.. a new FREE eb (or 2) is long overdue!!
  15. Would love to see this! :)
  16. I brought up this same topic awhile back. The next EB should be a dragon (or other monster) of the Hoarfrost, followed by Abyss, Osmon Rai, and finally a particularly horrible entity in Deepmine.

    And something else the devs could do anytime is run another Old Man EB series. I want to hit Diabolical again.
  17. I’d love to see a demonic ice platypus for the hoarfrost lands
  18. A giant yeti! (or scorpion :)
  19. I want new eb that steal back and post trash talk after stealing