Time for clan towers /banks?

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  1. Clan towers:
    I was reading rusted serenity’s take on what we would like too see in a pvp event and it gave me what I hope is a brilliant idea/spin on the clan towers idea; which has been brought up in fourms for years that might solve KAWs 5 biggest problems without making anyone upset.

    First im going too list what I see as the 5 main issues around kaw in 2019

    1. Lack of gold sinks (also issue with lack of eb plunder(tokens and sb but not much plunder for any eb really anymore )
    2. Charms and charm farming
    3.Pvp incentive isnt as good as pve (need more reward AND LOSS)
    4. Osw is endless and can't Ever fully tell who’s winning not enough loss in pvp to encourage cf
    5.Clan loyalty

    Now im going too explain my idea and how it addresses each problem while keeping all players happy .

    Clan towers , built upon silver bars, once your clan puts in 100k new upgrades are available for purchase for every member who has been in that clan for at least once a day for 3 consecutive days ( doesn’t punish EE players or people who leave for NK clan stays under 24hrs )
    Give players a timer when they leave clan too APPLY before it expires, too avoid abuse timer pauses if rejected then it starts again) (make sure only one clan bonus applies at a time and clan that player is in if has multiple loyalty spells)

    Upgrades: can be bought with gold bars donated by your clan , giving plunder increases tower bonuses, pvp plunder maybe even pve plunder spell on top of the “permanent” bonuses, at over 1000 warchiefs can choose too sell 1000 and divide gold equally between all either all admin ranks or all members who have 3 day loyalty spells , increases to the silver bar limit on you clan tower,

    Yeah that’s right , DEFENSE, you need too be donating (1/2per action ) a lot of silver bars too keep your tower up every hit on your tower awards the attacker 5-15 silver bar + whatever they usually make from an attack on a player their own size ( can be changed once charms make a factor) and vice versa on the offense , with a new function called “raid" using 2~% of you troops/spies (attacks can work two but this way cant be exploited by the extra troop glitch) if you bring someone's clan tower silver bars to 0 they lose a certain amount of leveling progress all the gold bars are transferred too the highest damaging clan since the last time the tower was completely full. update in World chat “the clan ____ has broken the tower of _____ one Clan feasts, another starves.” The losing clan gets a 24 hour shield on their tower and an ugly looking green name colour for that time (just kidding on the last part)

    Well what if a clan is losing and burns all their gold bars?
    As long as there as been a raid on a clan in the last 5 minutes* (up for change ) gold bars can not be spent, (would probably work better if its under 50% total and you cant spend gold bars

    Now for the best part: these towers are still kind of useless themselves so why not be able to add In charms up too a certain amount, depending on level , have them at a very reduced effectiveness maybe 1/500 current value on stats , with the cap being there so certain clans don’t become invincible .

    I think that mostly covers it

    Going back too my list at the start,

    1. For pve players, it’s a gold, charm and time spender that pays for itself with little too no repercussions
    3 For pvp players it changes everything gives incentive too steal from something that cant bot its gold away Allows clans too actually “beat “ each other again and publicly too world chat
    2. Charms have somewhere too be dumped where each individuals means very little but the clans over means more .

    4. Osw will be much more damaging yet more rewarding at the same time

    5. Players will not feel forced too stay at one clan they will want too be at one as much as they can.

    Lastly I personally think eb plunder for every single eb needs too be increased by 50% anyway, so why mot let this be the max with lots of gold already put in .

    I put a lot of thoight into this including looking for exploits

    @Devs I know this would be a massive undertakimg, please, consider it, for your loyal players who have been waiting years for this .

    From noob, loyal clan members, pvp, pve, , f2p and especially p2p , who could this upset?
  2. Re: Clan towers: UTIMATE EDITON

    For the TL;Dr make pvp like the recent event except Clans steal silver bars from one another .
  3. So hitting a tower takes away 1/2 of an sb per hit from the tower, but awards 5-15 to the hitter? I may be misunderstanding but to me that sounds like infinite sb generation? What other incentives are there to hitting other clans, apart from damaging osw opponents?

    Also, does the tower do anything before upgrading? Is it only useful in the specific ways a clan chooses to upgrade it, or are there fixes benefits? Does adding charms only make the tower harder to hit, or do those charms get applied to the whole clan somehow? You yourself called them kinda useless, but with little incentive many wouldn't build them at all I feel like.

    Curious, because this is a newer take on ideas for game fixes that I've ever seen.
  4. What i see from this idea seems only ideal for osw. Neat idea, lets see if others can contribute ideas to this making it more feasible addiction to kaw.

    Keep up the work on ideas peeps!
  5. Good idea - perhaps add an alliance feature to group clans together for events like the last green / blue / red but also formalise osw alliances. Add a chat channel for coordination and there’s something there I think.

  6. Sorry I meant the other way around, maybe giving 1-3 (maybe 2-4) taking 5-15.

    You would get a message if you win saying something like "your army managed to destroy some of the enemies silver, the remainder of your troops carry what they can back to your kingdom!"

    The tower could have some base stats once it gets over 80% of base (upgraded max health ) for both pvp and bonuses.

    The charms only apply too the bank
    With 100* players all being able too give charms too a single source i feel it must be tremendously difficult too build defense too it , i feel the pay off is knowing you can eventually have a tower very, very few players can hit so its easier to keep your upgrade levels high/maxed.

    The upgrades will hopefully be good enough too sway the community too invest
    A few potential ideas for upgrades i had include:

    1. ( For Tower) Add 50mcs base stats too attack/defense (25 each for spy and troop?) 0/10
    2. Add 5% plunder for your clan pve 0/10
    3. Add 5% plunder for clan pvp 0/10
    4. Decrease the time on your epic battle clan timer by 1 minute 0/5 (could be up too 15 but devs want too keep value too seer stones surely.)
    5. Increase event item drops by 5%:0/10
    6. Increase max health (silver bar storage) by 100k 0/4
    7. Increase the chance of a rare item drop (equipment) by 1% 0/10 (not really important unless farming abyssal sword in my opinion)
    8. Increase the chance of rare item drop (seals, horns) by 1% 0/5 (even with farming warbeasts shouldnt be an exploit, would require a lot of gold investment into a clan , hard for alt farmers and would be easy too see by the devs)
    9. Increase inferno and aqua drop rate by 2% 0/10.
    10. Stolen plunder (like unholy aura) increases 10%, 50% of the time 0/10
    (Would be huge for osw)

    Im thinking these should all atleast be 100 gold bars too start with the less powerful ones going up 100 in price each time. And the more powerful ones (plunder, rare drop, event drop related ) too go anywhere from 1000 too 2500 at the end.

    This would be a long run , clan based effort , it would reward players that have a home clan as long as they are in the clan . For pvp this would potentially start an arms race, an era of brutal Tower wars where the winner would almost always be obvious
  7. I actually really like this idea, +1
  8. This has good potential.
  9. I like it but this charm stuff is messing up the game some and now that they have it out I'm not giving up my charms for nobody sorry but that part needs a little more work and we definitely need the people staying in the clan and for the nk part don't think you should go out for that it should stay at you're clan going out to war is one thing

  10. Im not asking for what i want , im asking for what would work and be realistic, you are not being realistic
  11. Honestly, clan towers sounds like a fun idea.

    It could possibly bring back Pwars & Massively help in osws. Maybe expand on the idea a bit. (Sorry I didn't read the full idea but the idea caught my eyes)

    Set it where you can give your clannies a Attack & Defense bonus (spy stats implied). Make it a full on war style theme. Again apologies if this was mentioned. I didn't read the entire threads contents. Just honestly sounds like a great gold sink & would definitely be a great addition to help with osw
  12. Charms rule Towers Drool
  13. Easiest solution of all. Nerf charms. Charms incentivize account sharing black market purchases. Good job devs.