Time for a goodbye

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  1. As clearly stated in the title, it is time to say goodbye. Most of you may know me by Sushi at this point, but I was previously known as Shadow3a and iN_SHaDoW_SaNe. I loved this game for osw and the warring aspect and since around Season 5 it began to decline, ultimately leading to it’s demise shortly after season 6. Lets face its all ffa nowadays.

    I have had a great time knowing all of you I started out at Legion of Death back in like ‘09 we were like family and they are who really got me into this game to begin with. Eventually I went on to do my own thing after they left the game. Cherry and I ran The Uprising which turned into what would be probably one of the best ee clans that remained. I owe special thanks to the entire council and all the warriors. Although I raged it was only cuz I expected yall to war well and not like trash but whatever what can you do. Players like fonzy and spilatch and riddler had a huge impact in teaching me how to war and war command initially as well and im eternally greatful to them.

    I cant mention everyone’s name and I would love to do this individually but I have over 4k added and im just not going through that horrible list lmao. Those of you most important to me will recieve a personal goodbye some time soon. I wanna say thank you to The Leagues as well for being like a home for me as well.
    Best of luck to everyone and goodluck in your future endeavors.
  2. See ya next week
  3. Legion of death, that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Best of luck 
  4. I know where you live and iv seen where you sleep, you cant run and you cant hide because I will find you!!!!!
    Good luck on your new adventure sushimi I'll miss the raging but u can still send me bear pics
  5. Im really going to miss you man. The noob trashing and discovering how ll worked are some of my most fond memories in kaw with you. Gl man 
  6. A true retirement.....dropped build ...good luck in your travels sushi.....great wc
  7. You have a 1yr old account. Like you would know anything that far back

    Anywho. Cya sushi !! Old school name haven’t seen in years.
  8. I’ve had to put up with you for most of my time on kaw and while I’ve probably hated you for half of that, I’ve still somehow enjoyed being your friend for the other half.

    You were amazing at war and a true fighter during osw. I wish you all the best in RL.

    My last compliment to you is that you were authentic sushi. Not Walmart sushi. <3
  9. Goodbye. May you rage irl instead of on KaW now. Good luck fam 
  10. Great To meet you in War Buddy , cheers And enjoy Real Life, normally We All do, but always find or make time To Tap Tap a little. You aré a Good person And Warrior Hell To match up has War Commander,
  11. Barely warred with ya but by far one of the better wcs during s6 wars. Good bye
  12. You suck ...dont come back

  13. Best of luck in real life.
  14. Sushi,

    Many years have gone by having you with us and as a friend I thank you for staying as long as you have. I will say you got a good head on your shoulders and as in our talk previously congrats on all that’s going on with you, you’re doing spectacular.

    Yet though it is saddening to see you go but we will stay in touch by other means cause you’re one friend I would hate to lose. You did a lot for me when I started kaw and even helped me to get an issue with ata resolved if you remember lol I would post that but people’s jaws would drop over the issue.

    Stay strong you’re future is bright and I’ll be sure to talk to you again dear friend. :)
  15. Farewell old Friend wishing you all the best
  16. What a buffoon
  17. I remember Legion of Death. That was sooo long ago
  18. Decent warrior and wc by old standards, top tier by today's terrible standards.