Throwback: KaW Personalities 2015

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Beer, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. So several years ago I made a post about KaW personalities, since I was graduating high school myself and thought like school yearbooks, a KaW personalities thing might be fun.

    While people were interested, I never got enough replies or made it popular enough to post, and at the time I was falling off the KaW train.

    Just recently I happened to look into my google drive and see the results, and thought despite the lack of answers, it would be fun to post them here as a kind of throwback.

    I thought the answers were quite amusing.

    I wouldn't be opposed to doing another one, should there be enough support and interest. If I did it, any "personality" suggestions?

  2. Most likely to be day drinking?!??

    I.... guess.. that's a correct category for me
  3. Most likely to quit kaw: Tanks
  4. Lol "Most likely to play forever" Chaos and Redstar :lol: That didn't happen
  5. Make a releveant list
  6. Biggest nubs: pretty much whole of BO, RIP you guys :lol:
  7. Actually cried and went into a depressive state due to not being on the list. Thanks.

    (seriously crying rn)
  8. It's a very interesting post! The script is too small for me to read but what what I could see was pretty funny!
  9. Seems sean is almost everywhere...again 
  10. 