Throw anything on the person above you :D

Discussion in 'Activities' started by McLovinYourMom, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Throw anything you want on the person above you Let's start!
  2. Delete this thread/lock it
  3. *throws a firework at Strawb3rry*
  4. An elephant.
  5. A wooden crate full of thick books, that is upside down.
  6. A dildo I used on a Hooker
  7. A diseased teletubby
  8. Dear ata,
    I've been a Kaw player for over 4 years now and in that time I think out bond has grown stronger. I can't hide my feelings for you anymore , I love you

    Love fang
  9. The skin pelt of ghengis tailored into a suit just for you.
  10. A poisonous sword
  11. For ArtoriasTheAbyssWalker,

    I throw a smiley face at you!