Three Wishes?

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  1. Just curious, if you had three wishes, what would they be? Be honest please.
  2. I wish I was a little bit taller
    I wish I was a baller
    I wish I had a '64 impaler
  3. I wish the people of the world would be more accepting of others.

    I wish the youth of the nation had high aspirations, work ethic, and a strong sense of right and wrong.

    I wish for a genie's lamp to offer 3 more wishes.
  4. to travel the world

    to learn to skate because who does that tbh

    to make better wishes when given 3 wishes
  5. I would use all my wishes to wish you would disappear
  6. Wish for more wishes
  7. I wish for a peaceful world cure from evil.

    I wish things like cancer and diseases didn't exist.

    I wish to find a true love and be happy everlasting.
  8. To be happy,healthy and loved.All else is really just icing on the cake.Or topping on the pie.Your choice. :D
  9. Id wish for a zombie apocalypse.

    A fully loaded bunker with a vast arsenal, heavily fortified above ground perimeter with a fridge of never ending cold beer.

    The ability to teleport
  10. I would wish that we lived in a post scarcity world similar to Star Trek.

    I would wish I knew everything there is or ever was or will be about computers, since I love them so much but know only a drop in the pond.

    I would wish that I could telephoto, but not like in Jumper or Harry Potter, like instantaneous similar to nightcrawler from X-Men, but without the smoke. And that I had complete control over it, like where and when, even if I'd never been there before, and I could teleport to where no one saw, or cameras malfunctioned, and I didn't accidentally teleport inside someone exploding them or myself by accident
  11. 100 million dollars
    A French bulldog
    Old school kaw
  12. 1: I wish there were no rules against wishing for more wishes.

    2: I wish for infinite wishes.

    3: Profit??
  13. Immortality.
    The power to etherealy move through any sort of material or substance.
  14. 1. Immortality
    2. Super suit like iron man but in black with a glowing skull helmet so I can go bounty hunting for mythical creatures
    3. Unlimited wishes
  15. I wish dog

    I wish cat

    I wish gold fish
  16. I wish I could be sympithised with
    I wish I could be treated better
    I wish I could have a good job that pays me well
  17. Not going to lie you suprised me with this
  18. 1: wish for devs to sort out the wars better
    2: wish for vros and hellbound to come back
    3: wish the mods didn't lock fake D3mon's threads
  19. I would wish for 20million dollars plus an extra 45% to pay for tax.

    I would wish to be better at personal development by all aspects.

    I would wish to find, fall in love with, keep, and marry the women of my dreams and have children with her.
  20. All these wishes are of greed.