Three Reasons to stop Drinking Alcohol

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  1. Your Bonus reason is full of it the brain can handle not only a drink a week but 2 drinks a day though the liver may not be so happy. What screws the brain is binge drinking. As far as 2 Hmm if u open yourself to aids u open yourself to aids... It doesn't just magically pop up.
    If your posted stuff that I didn't know was a down right lie and high exaggeration then u would have more credit.
  2. Alcohol is an Energy source lol
    Other still up for debate stuff with not enough research on it to set them in stone lol
  3. What about people with transpixelatation disease where drinking an excessive amount of alchohol will not make them drunk.

    ~Not a real disease unless wiki answers is always right
  4. But alcohol helps ugly people have sex and it has been doing so for thousands of years
  5. Alcohol makes ugly girls cute, fat girls feel skinny, and Tequila makes the clothes come off...WHERES THE PROBLEM?
  6. But it's yummy..............
  7. I saw 420 and that's as far as I needed to go
  8. Please explain me ;)
  9. Well I can say that it does make people abusive, my dad was very very emotionally abusive when he used to drink, but the others I don't know...
  10. Pretty sure everyone knew drinking was bad before they started… they choose to ignore it. Instead of throwing ur reasons of why they need to stop in their face, you should just let them make their own choices.
  11. Cite one study

    Some of the cancer claims may well be credible.

    The HIV claim I would only consider as remotely viable due to impaired judgement and the failure to use protection. Also which nation/ region as some areas world wide have 90% population infection as such just being conceived there puts you at risk, much less the risk your parents would take.

    Lower iQ. Yup you want to keep those brain cells healthy. But again. One legitimate source.

    No data this is just bs scaremongering and a good way to destroy people's confidence in what may be a shred of truth.
  12. We should stop drinking because Papa Smurf wouldn't like it. ?
  13. "Ah, alcohol. The cause of, and the solution to, all of life's problems. "

    Homer Simpson 
  14. Omg lock this thread no one cares
  15. My three reasons after waking up today-

    1) road rash on my face

    2) the nekked unresponsive beast currently in my bed

    3) my liver hurts!!
  16. Been drinking 48yrs am not stopping now .
  17. 38* correction sorry
  18. Another atention seeking troll thread from devouring. ......people always bite......iI think the last one was a vegan thread lol
  19. No worrys from me can sa say ill stop . But NOT DONT THINK SO
  20. As far as IQ it only drops with high amounts binging destroys weak connections (the needed but not really often used) between brain cells ouch but much of that heals own as long as u don't go way out there then it healing becomes a problem short term long term brain almost totally stops brain growth hints y it's so ugly for kids to drink and can very slowly starve brain cells however compared to home made meth alcohol will takes 40 years to do the same damage the meth does in just a few months as far as abusive that's more or less different between PPl I believe those under high stress seem to be the ones with that problem  but no real data on that