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  1. This topic fascinates me

    Caster is an track athelete who was recently handed down a judgement to lower her testosterone levels or she will no longer be allowed to compete in her event 800 meter.

    What’s unusual about the case

    1) caster is genetically XY but developed as a female

    2) she is what is referred to as intersex - meaning she lacks some female parts such as ovaries and uterus and has some male parts such as internal testes. In a sense caster is a hybrid or blend of male and female.

    3) she grew up believing she was a genetically a girl. she ran track and blew away her competition winning gold medals in 2012 and 2016 olympics and has won her last 30 races in a row. Testing revealed male levels of testesterone in her blood which then led to the discovery that she was intersex. I’m not sure how she took this news.

    4) I’m not sure what her testosterone levels are but an average male has 10.41-34 nmol/L so I’m assuming her levels are in that range. Yes female do produce testosterone but it’s 0.5-2.43 nmol/L. And even experts who spoke on caster’s behalf admitted that a female having high levels of testosterone in her blood would give a competitive advantage

    4) the sports court won’t let her compete in the 800 anymore unless she gets her t count to 5 nmol/L which is still pretty high. Caster has stated that she will not lower her t count thru hormone therapy.

    5) caster ran her last 800 this week and blew them away and still hopes she can find a way to defend her world championship title in September.

    I do feel badly for caster. She grew up her whole life thinking she was genetically a girl only to be told she is genetically male. She also grew up loving track competition - she saw herself as a gifted runner who is now told she can’t compete anymore. She isn’t cheating; she’s not taking performance enhancing drugs; this is her body and it produces a hormone that helps her.


    Should caster be allowed to run with women without hormone therapy since she identifies as one?

    This also opens the door for transgender athletes. Can a male who identifies as a female compete in female sports and vice versa?

    If you want more info, google: lets run caster semenya
  2. Does she have a Willy or a Mary
  3. She should run against guys if she is internally male. Nothing is stopping her from running but it’s unfair for a male to run against females because of the genetic advantage they have. So he cannot run against females but nothing is stopping him from running against other males since it is a genetically level playing field
  4. Im not usually one to get upset about this but... Are you purposefully alling her "he"? She grew up and developed as a female, believes she is a female, and only recently found out she is genetically male (despite her development)
  5. Did you not read the post?
    She believed that she was a female for most of her life. Others thought she was a female as well.
    She was unaware that she has internal testes and only thru genetic testing and other tests was she made aware that she has XY chromosome.

    She is not considered male though she has XY chromosome and testes. She is not considered female as well. She is considered intersex - a blending of male and female. 0.018% of the population is intersex

    It’s sad because she spent her whole life thinking she is the best female 800 meter sprinter. She wins the olympics and world championship trials - she’s on top of the world.

    Then, the next moment she’s told: “Oh, you’re not genetically female; you can’t run anymore. You’re not this gifted female after all because genetically you’re genetically male.” I can’t imagine how one even takes this kind of news privately. Her condition has been made known publically. Now all her records prob will have an asterisk. Feel bad for caster.
  6. She got a Mary on the outside but a willy on the inside
  7. Why post this on a war game really 
  8. Simple have the internal testis removed. There now she is a girl as she thought she was her whole life.
  9. When forums were active off topics like this would pop up every now and then and were pretty busy. There's no rule against posting on this subject.
  10. I think it's all in her gonads, a statement I never thought I'd state.
  11. Hmm my post on here somehow vanished. Doesnt really matter what he or she is; if they deem male most likely lose past medals/records.

    If deemed female, will add more fuel to gender confusion
  12. She has been deemed intersex. Please read.
  13. Olympics and pro sports need to assign gender by chromosomes. If not XX they should compete in men’s divisions.

    If XX let them compete in female divisions. It’s science and it’s simple. Solves all but maybe .0000001 of the population. Let any such outliers appeal.
  14. Remove the testis and sure they have no male genitals left, however you can't change the fact they have XY chromosomes. That will cause the body to develop differently and as they are an adult they will have grown up to have the male muscular strength and speed. Simply removing testis doesn't change that. I feel so sorry for the way this has been dealt with as news that shocking being made public before you can fully process it yourself sucks.
    I hope they will continue to compete even if it means they need to compete in the male category.
  15. Trans atheletes i realize is different from intersex

    Afheletes who are trans on the one hand do undergo hormone therapy Thus their testosterone or estrogen levels are in line with their female and male counterparts

    But on the other hand, many trans women transition as teens or young adults and their bodies may have advantages due to developmental changes which incorporated testosterone which is why many advocate hormone therapy for children once they identify as trans. Personally I feel hesitant to allow a child to make such a decision until they can understand the ramifications of such a choice. This is a whole other topic that is way more controversial that I wouldn’t want to discuss here

    I’m not sure about the use of identification based on chromosome because intersex individuals are a blending of genders though their chromosome may point to one particular gender. I think chromosome can be a starting point for identification as male and female.

    The removal of testes is interesting option but I think I should be optional - just bad on optics to say you need surgery under to compete.


  17. What about women who can't get pregnant or give birth due to whatever medical condition they have? Guess they must be men now.
  18. Women with health conditions and cant have children were still born with baby making plumbing. This deems them real women.