This is Why people quit

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  1. Exactly. Alternatively provide them an ally that cannot be hired for 30 days.

    The changes the devs could make in order to make improvements for newer players, or anyone really, are often not mind blowing ones. However they don't seem to be interested in making continual small improvements rather than one big change that is wrong anyway.

    I can see starting as a PS being more frustrating for a new player. They probably want to see themselves making gold almost immediately. Not having to wait till the end of the eb.
  2. When she hired op's ally for the 50th time...

  3. Events are better sources of gold from silver bars. The purpose of starting as a GH or as a PS (hello, Boba read the "OR") is having the best possible item drop rate during events. You can choose whatever build you want after you collected the silver bars. After all, guilds are expendable.
  4. That's easy for us to understand because we know the mechanics and understand how the game works. A new player doesn't have that knowledge.

    I dare say waiting 2 weeks for some bars to grow will frustrate them just as much. Particularly if they don't understand what it is they're doing. Getting them interested in the game and in growing right from the beginning is what will help them stick around. I'm not sure telling them to wait 2 weeks to really start progressing on their build is the best way to go about it.
  5. Tbh new players get enough bonuses to help then get growing fast.
  6. Its just the understanding of what to do that needs improving, like the tutorial. And maybe tip/popups on each feature of kaw home screen
  7. Honestly though @ Op. This issue is easily evoided. This is how so ->

    I made an account and with 300bil on my main/vollying and wc volling i made it 200bil(My 2 day alt that had 60mil previously) That was all within 1-5 hours that day(2day old acc).~ p.s. i also wasn't kawinh for 5hours straight, its justa timeline

    Im not saying this is for everyone, but you can easily get mp if you kindly ask someone in a clan your in or your owner to volly with you. It will probably req you 100mil and the other person 10-15bil. Within 10minutes or less you can have max plunder (2-6bil) in allies. With the 100% new player plunder bonus you can make upwards to 100mil/125Mil per hit if hitting a premium eb(50mil-70mil ish on haunt a hit). Additionally when the events end you can now get increasingly massive amounts of money. I.e 200(550bil) silver bars for 200 items or something like that. That is well enough to be max plunder with 15-20bil in allied (including what you make from vollying) and can get you llbc and a few lands in highlands.

    P.p.s. I did 1 pvp with that account and got 2.1k silver bars(4-5T) Im not trying to brag, but their making it really easy to transition for new accounts, even compared to one year ago where events were much harder to make silver bars/ stuff
  8. There so much going on all at once when oh start an account. This is why the player tutorial needs to be redone. Players should also be taken to Titans noob guide immediately after completing it.
  9. Reaching the event-tier-goal in 7 days, then waiting for the sb, is much better than tapping that eb for 2 weeks wondering why everyone wants to keep you off max plunder. Teach them patience to wait not the perseverance to tap tap 16-hrs a day.
  10. I agree teaching them patience will help in the long run.

    However, they can hit the eb, make gold and grow while still participating in an event. At the end of the event they get the bars to increase their CS more. Not wait 2 weeks after starting to make any real progress. That won't retain players.

    Your idea is good in theory. However, as a new player who has no idea what they're doing, would you like to be told you have to wait 2 weeks to make any progress?

    Max plunder is a problem easily fixed by the devs. However they continually to put no time or effort into assisting new players . They want minimal effort for maximum profit in a short time. They have their eyes closed to the fact that investing in new players will also make them profit. However not straight away. Which is probably exactly why little attention is paid to new players in terms of assisting them to learn the game. It's a lot easier to do nothing and get profits from the whales.

    Max plunder is a big part of the problem. One easily fixed by the devs. But another thing they'll ignore to make their game better.
  11. Free the market!
  12. Even with new accts nowadays it really doesn't take much to gather up a billion+ to buy your first ally with ..and honestly with new accts the max-p bonus is almost negligible
  13. It's a kingdom building MMO for God's sake name me one MMO where you can be a viable player after a two week start??? ...if they don't understand this they shouldn't be playing...

    ....stick to arcade if u want instant gratification
  14. Which brings me to another point ...all these "starter" clans are basically BS. Pulling in new players and having them do Piggy & Squid eb. Honestly how many of you ran these "starter" clans and actually had people stay there, grow enough to join the main?? ...almost ZERO.

    they do more harm then good ..if you're actually going to run a starter clan then actually teach newbies mechanics that will actually help them to grow & stay interested in the game.
  15. Dude after one event that 100 mil ally will seem like a joke when your opening a tril or more, you could go the whole event with no allies at beginner size and wouldn't make a difference. Just tough it out and give the game a chance, if they cant make it one event then they didnt like the game much anyway
  16. a viable player in two weeks? World of Warcraft,eve online, start wars the old republic,insert quite afew more mmo titles here.
  17. Do the items in reck/tfo and you'll get billions. Don't think so that's how all my Alts get over 6m in their week.
  18. Every player is a viable one from when they begin playing.

    I will reiterate my point as you seem to have missed it altogether. Players should be able to start working on their Kingdom immediately (note I don't say BC or reach LB immediately). They shouldn't start working on it after 2 weeks of game play.

    CS is something that increases gradually. Expecting a player to wait 2 weeks before working on their Kingdom appropriately is not going to be sustainable. Getting stronger starts immediately. Not after 2 weeks.

    There will be slower periods and faster growth periods obviously. But it shouldn't be a case of waiting for an event to finish to start working on your build properly.
  19. Lol Ruggy ...youre the one missing the point. EVERYONE start building from day one. I started KAWing 2010 having max p as a new player has ALWAYS been a struggle even back then ...its such a minor minor tiny small temporary obstacle to overcome that someone cant figure it out they just shouldn't be playing