This is too much...

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  1. Frog, Frog, Frog. Why would you post that thread telling people not to quote OP? Now every thread has dozens of quotes! Those of us who wish to hold discussions are overwhelmed by silly fluff!

    And you, forumers! I thought you were better than this. Well, I for one think something has to be done.

    It's as simple as not allowing the original post to be quoted. I see no practical downsides to this and it gets rid of at least a little spammish-y stuff on forums.

    Please give your input on this but DO NOT quote this whole post. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

    Quit trolling noobs, or at least get original with it!
  2. Start farming them
  3. I agree!
  4. Why what are you gonna do about it
  5. U havin a bad day m8?
  6. Like a really long echo...
  7. Sigh. Band wagoners.
  8. @HATE
    Get off the thread. This goes out to the others as well. Do not post again.
  9. Sigh indeed.

    The trolls around here really lower the bar. Cant even give us any good material. Just a bunch of people thinking they are magically going to make a played out joke/troll funny because they think repeating the same stuff over and over makes it funnier and funnier...

  10. Lmao dat quote spam :lol: ive been putting some steals into nublets when they quote OPs and respond with spammy crap.

    Obviously not making a difference but it's the thought that counts :^)
  11. Couldnt resist
  12. Clearly a few people want a forum suspension.

    You already know who you are. Do not SPAM.
  13. If only we had spragga to destroy the buildings of the spammers ;-;
  14. Sorry Chaos,

    Wasn't trying to spam, just a little joke.
  15. The idea that you will not be able to quote the op, but being able to quote other people is interesting. The problem i see with that is the devs would have to work weeks trying to implement the idea, but the feature itself is nigh significant. It just doesn't seem viable and appealing enough for it to be implemented.
  16. Too bad so sad..if you don't like it, don't participate in forums. Guys like OP try ro sway MOD action with these kind of threads. Perfect example above..^^^^
  17. Support
  18. The quoting system is fine, it's the people whom abuse it.

    The only way I can see this ending is by making examples of some people. Even then, statless alts will come in. Make examples of them too.
  19. It's all the crying about it that makes people do it