This is NOT a dating app!!

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  1. It's only dangerous for stupid kids
  2. Yesterday i met my kaw bf irl :)
  3. Fairly sure this is a dating website.........Rp anyone?
  5. LMAO XD im a great wing woman blame the guys
  6. I'll be your prince
  7. Is True this is no dating App, but Hell this is real social game and guess what it happens  they break your  when the girl you Like goes to your clan buddy.. Sucks
  8. You cheaching whore D: I thought we had something special with our kaw relationship.

    sulley you're breaking my non-existent heart :cry: you big blue haired monster :lol:
  9. Sowy Wofie... but he is purrfect :3
  10. True its not a dating app but RP is hella fun xD  nothing wrong with a lil rp with someone cute ;)
  11. Dating goes to pimd
  12. I hop you two crash and burn on the plane to your kaw honeymoon destination :evil:

    All those times we had dino rp and rainbow rp mean nothing to you? :cry:
  13. If it makes you feel better, i almost spit hot chocolate on him xD
  14. Yeah it does :lol:
    But I'm still mad at you :?
  15. Aye Hipster,

    Do you have a phone in your back pocket?

    Caz da booty be callin' me. :cool:

  16. Lol you know I love you really sulley :D
  17. Wolfie what about all those baths I gave you? Don't they mean anything? 
  18. :lol: I do love baths <3
    But you made me sit out in the rain on the last bath :shock: I was all alone and it was dark and scary in the freezing cold rain