this game is still here?

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  1. His game is here? Im quite shocked. I quite miss the older times of KAW, but i havent quit i just got a lot of stuff going on. But KAW has gotten a bit too techinical and complicated now even my brother quit, and ive noticed stronger people are quitting. I want to still play this game but its becoming too complicated for some people....
  2. Too complicated? Need help w your multiplication n division hw?
  3. Hey hey multiplication and division is hard
  4. Yeah.
    This game is still here.
  5. But.... You only have the two year badge. This is litterally the same game as 2 years ago....
  6. Only difference between now and two years ago. More ebs, extra lands. And depending when you stopped ee
  7. Lets see. Past two years...

    S1-4 EE
    Alot more eb fairies
    HTE clans
    Apoc and Zaft got considerably bigger
    Summer promos
    ASW 4 (we didnt have one a year ago -.- )
    HLBC standard raised.
    Alot less OSW. (2011-2012 had quite a few)
    A **** ton more equip

    More or less , its still button mashing
  8. Thats only past year except GH part.. 2013 was a bore in terms of changes except S1 of EE. Hated s1 though :lol: Matches sucked

    Oh yea. New EBs (woopdy doo..)
  9. You guys also forgot to mention that there is a event every month :p
  10. sometimes more lol
  11. Just shows how amazing kaw is, 5yrs later and its still an extremely active game. I don't know if you guys have ever played games similar to this but 90% of them are completely dead after just a few years (excluding a few, that I don't think I'm allowed to mention) so many of you may moan about kaw but we all know that it is by far the best one out there.
  12. Pokemon butt lover only left a couple months he has scene all of these changes.. I remember him leaving due to someone hating Pokemon
  13. Look at his wall he has a convo from 58 days ago