This game is literally unplayable

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by masterchifchaf, Dec 3, 2017.

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  1. I was recently browsing my furnishings, checking out all the cool new event stuff and seeing what things could look like when I stumbled upon a few game breaking bugs. The images below detail the bugs that I speak of.

    This thing is not a foot

    Nor is this a hand

    I'm having difficulty seeing the green horse in this image here

    And finally; I, personally, would not use such a shield for archery practice

    I don't know how the devs expect us to play the game in this state. Absolutely unplayable. I'm currently painting a protest board to stand outside AtA offices in Vancouver on Monday morning, who's with me?!
  2. Sometimes mistypes happens quite often which is a easy fix.

    Stating the game is unplayable meaning constant crashing, constant errors, unable to perform actions etc.
  3. Support the game is totally unplayable with these game breaking bugs
  4. Wow clickbait much
  5. But Seńor Eagle, the games is what OP says and what you say. I remember the days of KaW crashing almost daily and people in WC lamenting "incoming crash" followed post crash by "I want Crystals".

    The game has become less playable to experienced players due to reliability, killing PC and Kingregate and is virtually impossible for a new player to fathom.

    No Official ATA guide and the tutorial is a joke. ATA has girdled the tree. The tree top (whales and LB) will seem ok for a bit, but without support from the roots (new meat and money)

    I know I wish I had a gold coin for every KaW is dying post (I'd be BC) but KaW as is is not headed in a positive direction.

  6. Yeah Black Friday was such a huge success
  7. It seems some players are not reading my post fully. So that there is no misunderstanding here; this post is a joke.

    Had there been actual, real, game breaking bugs, I would have reported such things via the support system.
  8. How’s the weather going to be? I don’t want to stand outside in a blizzard in Canada
  9. Lol seems it is. All the above has been consistently happening. Add the purchasing glitches where you get errors when trying to purchase and your items don’t show up for hours.

    This game is unstable.
  10. That is your incorrect opinion, for me the graphics are the most important part to Kingdoms at interior design, how can you furnish your kingdom if it just displays loading?

    Get a grip, clearly this game is now unplayable with the current graphical bugs
  11. This game has been unplayable for years, primarily due to the unrealistic unbalanced mechanics, and the ever growing black void we know as the gap, the gap between players.. I quit many many months ago, it ceased to be competitive and nothing more than a cash cow for ATA. So I wouldn't worry about a few pics, that's the least of the worries. Be realistic do as I and many other players did, put down the device and live life.
  12. Well we are all collectively happy that you graced us by coming back and creating this alt to shed light on this. Without your selflessness surely we'd all be lost to the great and mighty void known as KaW. We will never forget you as you never did forget us!
  13. That's a little oxymoronic. And the typos would be more forgiveable if we weren't experiencing multiple crashes daily. This is just icing on a horseshit cake.
  14. It's a shame that certain words are censored, kind of ruins my comment there.
  15. It feels like everyone just missed OP's point and is just taking it literally to suit your own agendas.
  16. Lol well their coding has some issues; i wouldn’t say it’s unplayable ...seems harsh.
  17. There are days where it is unplayable ...& overall it's getting worse and worse.

    Answer me this it playable enough that you're confident to spend RL money next promo/event?
  18. First off that’s ur opinion, and yes this game is still worth spending money ?? Just because u think the game is getting worse doesn’t mean others think the same. It’s just a game stop trashing and enjoy it while it last
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