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  1. Another post count farming thread!!!

    Post something you think people should know; it can vary from why people should quit kaw now to why Pluto is no longer a planet to what is mean by space time to how is water transported in plant to why Messi is the best player ever!!!
  2. For example: In a vacuum all electromagnetic waves travel at same speed
  3. Did you know that...






    That these threads are pointless.

  4. ... Now you know.
  5. Did you know dinosaurs invented the moonface.
  6. Exercise Regimen for Dinosaurs:

    Brachiosaurus: Rope Skipping

    Velociraptor: Hamster Wheel

    Triceratops: Squats

    Pterodactyl: Bench Press

    T-Rex: Push Ups
  7. Did you know that the government puts more emphasis on STEM education and jobs, offering much more money, than the humanities in order to control people more? Think about it, in a world that requires money to live comfortably, what are you going to choose: money or mind? People have drawn the line between talent and skill, making the latter more "valuable." So if you really want to fight the system, get everyone you know to study the humanities and take up professions in art, music, literature, philosophy, sociology, and even religion. The Man is trying to stop us from thinking by making the humanities seem less valuable!

  8. I hate touching the knobs/handles on public washrooms, why even bother washing your hand?

    Sometimes i don't like touching the knob on my own washroom door at home.
  9. Money doesn't buy happiness but I've had plenty of money and been without...

    I prefer plenty
  11. Not all lands are the same mechanics with different numbers. For instance, low land towers hurt plunder a lot. Towers on abyss do not affect plunder.
    Research your build. Never assume.