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  1. Bruce,

    I just asked you a question in wc, but had to run and was in a rush.

    Can you clue us in to whether the pvp award for this weekend will be equip? I'd love to see something plunder-based, but for pvp only.

    ie.: % increase in gold stolen AND earned per hit.

    I know we already have a similar mith spell, but the idea here is to make pvp more profitable and encourage pvp beyond events. Hits could randomly drop items too like mith, inferno, bars, building tokens, etc.

    Throwing this out for the community as well.

    Yay or nay?
  2. Yay I think pvp should be high risk high reward not all risk no reward
  3. PVP Equipment

  4. X_X it already exists, a piece of equipment that has PvP plunder boost. So it's not like the devs are against having equipment with plunder boosts
  5. I just can't get behind PVP equipment until PVP drop mechs are changed. Until then, if you tie something to PVP, people are just going to opt in to farm an OSF/OAF which really isn't PVP.
  6. Totally agree. Hitting inactives isn't pvp, it's pwar.

    There should be diminishing returns for all targets as well as a cooldown. i.e.: you lose x% of your bonus after each hit on a target. Then you wouldn't be able to hit that target again for full bonus until x hours had passed.

    We saw something similar in the last pvp event. While I think there needed to be tweaks, I thought that event was actually pretty good at encouraging hitting live targets.
  7. Yeah I know, I got all equipment, but if you didn't get it back then there is no way to get it now
  8. Yee
  9. no
  10. We know