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  1. ok, I have a theory about life. We are all unqiue, it is said over and over again. We beat ourselves up for not being the same, but still, we hear those words. I thought a while and came to a theory, cloning, duplicates, and other ways of copying. These are all ways in which we think to ourselves that the created was exactly alike us. Bit alas, I have thought of something. Let's say we had twins, and they acted exactly the same, mirror images and thoughts to each other. No one can tell the difference, right? Theoretically speaking, let's say that we all believed in religion and spiritual mediums. In these ways, there are souls Now these twins act very identical and think exactly the same, yet they are not together in the same body. there is a different between the two people in this way. Their souls are different. it may look like they are the same altogether, but their souls are different from each other.
  2. also to add, it is virtually impossible to be soul-less unless you make a deal with the devil or bet your soul away and lose it
  3. Do you have any more of the drugs you have taken?
  4. Twins... Yea.. Deffo on my bucket list
  5. :\ I am trying my best to make a really big theory about why each one of us are different, and I guess I failed

  6. I've had twins, just not at the same time. 
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  8. well...back to the theory board /lock
  9. Dedded. :D :D :D

    You got from theory of life, to a whole new topic of how it would be like if we all had twins. :shock:
  10. hmmm...well what about this. You clone something but it has a soul so it can live, react, and breathe naturally. The body itself grows at the normal human rate, copies the same image as the guy who got them cloned. The original and the clone themself are different because the original has the actual experiences, thoughts, and activities in them. The clone carries those very same experiences, thoughts, and activities, but they were made after that person, and grew up at another time, leaving them with different experiences and activities
  11. Where are you going with this?
  12. I am simply trying to prove my theory that us, ourselves are unique and that no copy can take our place at all
  13. The clone would very much be able to take your place as it would do the exact same things you would do.

    That being said, your thoughts are not particularly easy to understand. Are you by any chance a non-native English speaker?
  14. How is this a theory? It's more of a thought about twins that you had after smoking drugs one day.
  15. Truth
  16. different genes, different environment
  17. Shadow you make the assumption that the supernatural is true. However, you are then faced with having to prove that souls exist. When you make an extraordinary claim, it is up to you to provide evidence for it.

    Obviously they are two different people... Even if they are exactly the same at one point in time, it would take very little to change one from the other.

    I think what you're trying to say is that people have different minds. And that is pretty obvious.... I think everyone would agree.
  18. Where does nature vs nurture play in this? If the twins are born, then separated at birth. Do they stay the same????
  19. Obviously not. There's been actual experiments on this, with interesting results. I'd recommend you look some of them up.There's been cases where twins will take on the same roles in high school and then pursue similar careers in adulthood.