The xtal conspiracy

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by MM-Slippy-MM, May 11, 2016.

  1. So earlier today you were rewarded and xtal for the event being broken. However the pretenses are all wrong!!!!  the fact of the matter is that Ata_Grant has a dire obsession with me!!!! So how did I come up with this fact you ask? Everytime free xtals have been given out they have coincided with a birthday of either mine or someone I know!!! Most notably mine today  so dont think I havent seen through your obsessive stalking grant!!!! I know what youve been doing!!!!!! Happy birthday to me :D
  2. You're reaching a bit with that.
  3. I sense a conspiracy ️
  4. But steve smith died when it happened
  5. Happy Birthday :)
  6. This isn't the only xtal conspiracy you've heard about and done nothing about, is it Grant?
  7. Good job, grant. Now gimme a xtal.
  8. Grant my wish grant.. I want 1 SoD for everyone every 3 February
  10. This should be a documentary
  11. Ata_Grant doesn't like me. No birthday xstal for me :/
  12. I emailed them to give me a free xtals... Surprise !!! A free xtal 2 days ago. Mageek ?
  13. And why do ppl feel the need to necro bump a lame thread? What is your intent? That bored you are reading old threads? WoW. What life for you during the summer. Sounds great. Thanks for bringing this back.
  14. Your name says it all op
  15. Magic has been here...
  16. Berf-day xtals should be a thing.
  17. Op I think we are in the same boat. THey try to lift my spirits every birthday. Not because it's on christmas or anything