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  1. What's wrong??
  2. I have the idea but don't know wher the story should go. I have a few ideas, tell me which u like best.
    1. Humanity unites and wages a seemingly hopeless war against the aliens
    2. The humanity is too weak to fight and comply with the demands of the aliens. In the end there is no more of the stuff the aliens coveted so much, and they sweep Earth and Mars with their massive armies. It becomes a story about survival.
    3. First Earth decides to serve the aliens, then the Mars colonies. As humanity lives more in the presence of the aliens, they learn more of them and find that th aliens have a homeworld in another galaxy. Destroying it would send the aliens into chaos. An elite group of commandos are sent to destroy it with a powerful xentox bomb. But things get complicated for the commandos as they make their way to the alien world.
    4. Humanity leaves Earth via commercial shuttles. It is a desperate flight, and many shuttles are destroyed. Another story of survival, but in a strange unfamiliar world.
    Tell me wat u think!
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  4. But do what bastoin says we have a team of expert writers and editors ummm maybe....
  5. hmmmm I had an idea but don't know if it's good Its would be called Star Dock Like in 8021 The Earth Alliance is about to lose a space war, They deploy tere new, biggest ship star dock to turn the tide of war sound ok?
  6. What's up with all the space set stories? Lol. It's space week? Lol
  7. Like the idea man  good work
  8. Been watching to much Star Trek
  9. It happens brother. Ok guys the next issue of "Maximum Voltage" will take a peak inside the life of Captain Indestructible. Stay tuned. ;)
  10. Can't wait!
  11. I'm thinking of making my own story
  12. What is writer's co.?
  13. It's iwrite co and it's a writing company
  14. Nice how do I join it?
  15. Just go into the thread and request to be a writer or an editor! Pretty cool! (PSit'smybirthday!)
  16. Happy birthday to u
  17. Human Year 2324
    Sh'myliran Year 1879 40th age
    New Babylon
    Days After Encounter: -22
    Fear. Many describe it as a pain, something to get rid of, to overcome. But not for Vas' Karakzan. To him, fear was a gift from the divines. After all, It fueled the slaves. But no, it was more than that. Fear struck enemies with paralysis, fear could drive someone into a frenzied run, fear could do almost anything. To Vas' Karakzan, fear was sweet, along with pain, and panic. Because you see Vas' Karakzan knew no fear. As much as he knew no pain, or any other form of suffering. He was in a sense, a being without feelings. He had no such need for feelings, he was bred to kill, not feel. And kill he would. His Masters had informed him that a new world was found, and he would be sent along with the army to teach it a few things about the Sh' mlyria. They would sweep cities with devastation to show their awesome power. The planet's name: Earth.