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  1. Great idea. Lol. I just posted a new issue to Maximum Voltage. Lol
  2. I'm bored so I figured I'd tell y'all what "Maximum Voltage" really is. It's the first installment in the W universe. Eventually, I'll be requesting people who would like to contribute to it. I plan on making MV a long running story that crosses over into other stories of mine or other contributers to the world I'm creating. I already have this series pretty well mapped out and two other series that I'm wanting to get started relatively soon. Soooo that's what I'm planning guys. That's the big secret. Lol
  3. Heres a bit more

    Now, if you are reading this because you want to feel like a superhero and experience a better world, shut this now! This is the story of my sister, Alaina, and I. Oh yes, we haven't been properly introduced I'm Nico. I grew up on the east-side of manhattan. Houston street to be exact, with my sister Alaina. Thing is, we are not exactly like normal kids you see. W
    e never really knew our dad until he turned up on our doorstep the other day. and that's where we begin.

    A knock at the door awoke me, I caught the small snippets of a conversation, a rushed hurried one but a conversation nevertheless. My sister burst into my room screaming 
    "it's daddy,it's daddy!"
    I bolted upright in my bed 
    "daddy? Alaina daddy hasn't been in touch in well,forever." 
    before I could finish she cut in tripping over herself with excitement
    "no it's really him it's daddy he's come to see us."
    Our father had left when Alaina was a  tiny baby and had never looked back so I figured she must just be joking when my mother burst in
    "She's telling the truth Nico, your father is waiting downstairs to talk to you,"
    I was lost for words I never thought of my father re-appearing, I had abandoned that hope many years ago. And to be perfectly honest I didn't want to meet him because he might not live up to my high expectation.

    I entered cautiously into the room,and there on the sofa was a normal man, but he seemed to radiate power, power as old as time itself.
    "Yes it is Nico," I was awestruck even though my mum had told me it was him I didn't believe it then suddenly childhood memories flooded back to me, his booming laughter, and the soothing tone of his voice, yes, this was him. 
    "Nico,"he said " brace yourself," in a split second he erupted into flames! But they were flames that did not burn or even char it was if they bent to my dads will. But I took that for-granted
    And tried to think what he had meant by "brace, yourself."
    What I noticed later was that even though my father had erupted into flames it did not bother me I knew he was still alive, and that if my dad controlled fire he was defiantly not Human.
  4. Wow that story is gr8 gandalf ( boss!!!) cnt wait to read more!!!
  5. Well there's a few grammar errors I'm goin to change em now
  6. Bt it's still really good
  7. Well thanks
  8. I'm kinda new at this, as I'm only 13, but I thought of an idea for a story. It is the year 2324, and Earth is torn to pieces by a series of devastating world wars. As her resources start to dwindle, Humanity starts to battle more ferociously than the world has ever seen. Thousands of civilians are slaughtered every day. Bombers swoop over cities and reduce them to rubble. There are four warring factions.
    1st- The American, German, and UK Federation
    2nd- The Russian, Chinese, and Japanese Federation
    3rd- The African Federation
    4th- The Mars Rebels (in the year 2190, commercial shuttles ferried 3.5 Billion people to Mars and the numerous Space Stations surrounding it)
    The Russian Federation armies force their way towards Mainland USA, destroying everything in their path. The African Federation spacecraft tear their way through Mars' defences. Chaos reigned. Then, out of the blue, comes a massive fleet of alien craft, wielding formidable energized weaponry and possessing superior technology. Each Federation scrambles to be the first ones to establish an alliance with these powerful aliens. Transmissions are sent out, greetings and warm welcomes all. The response - the obliteration of each federation's capital. The alien commander's face appears on all of humanity's communications. He claims that Earth has a source of an extremely valuable resource, and unless humanity complies with their demands, they will destroy more of Earth's cities. Humanity needs to decide whether to fall by the hands of this new power, or do what they never imagined would have happened- unite.
  9. These stories look really good!!

    I'm gonna post a preview of the next chapter of Innocence. It's rather short, but I don't want to give too much away. Enjoy. :)

    That's when I saw him. 20 feet away. The man with the eyepatch. But he looked younger this time. Instead ofthe gray hair I saw last time, it was black. And he had no wrinkles. The man stood there, starring at me, looking me in the eye. 

    Then, he dissappeared....
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  12. Bye guys I'm offline for the next week to focus on my story
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