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  1. Srry its so long but the book is nearly 300 pages and scenes dont easiky transfer to the forums
  2. Wow...these stories are really good! Nice job all!
  3. I could not focus on the flickering flames, and could not feel my legs to stand. I did not even know why i was trying. How could i walk into the fire? What had been in that drink?

    Strong arms lifted me to my feet, and steadying hands led me towards the bonfire. Was i to be the sacrifice after all?

    "wait!" i tried to say, but only a grunt escaped my lips. The hands let go and i fell forward into the flames. Blistering heat struck my exposed flesh as the fire roared all around me. I screamed, fighting against the terrible burning, stirring sparks and cinders, and struggling to stand despite the strange intoxication. Nothing made sense. "is this it?" i thought, "is this the way i'll die?"

    "come to me, jade. Never end." her voice was close. I could not tell if my eyes were closed or had been burned from their sockets. All i knew was i had to get to Anya. Just a little further...

    I fought against the vertigo and found my legs beneath me. Like a baby i commanded each muscle, teaching them their responsibilities, as the searing flames ate away my skin. "i will not die like this!" i grunted through gritted blackening teeth. 
    Um continued again
  4. Slender arms embraced me, and the fire bent away. The pain melted with a blast of icy air from above, and my lips met hers whole and unburned. Had it all been an illusion?

    I opened my eyes, consciousness drowning under the spell of my intoxication. She smiled through glistening tears. "i didn't think you'd make it," she whispered her voice shaky. She wiped her cheek with the back of her hand

    "i..." my lips would not respond; my legs slowly lost their stability, and i drifted in her arms to the firey coals. She held my head in her lap, slowly stroking my hair. 

    "dont try to talk." she smiled, "the worst is over. You can rest now."

    The children were all around us in the flames, staring down, still chanting. I could not even focus on one face. A hooded figure stepped forward and made a sign in the air with his fingers. "go to sleep." he said, and my world turned to blackness. 
  5. Ok thats it for that scene. I cut alot out to make it shorter. The book is finished im just shopping for a publisher. The dreamer's nights. If u guys ever see it in stores buy a copy good reading or at least something solid to swat spiders with
  6. I had completed my first draft and now touching on my second draft while the same time plan for my second book
  7. *sigh* I have nothing to do and Im too tired to write.
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  9. I might later in my writing career xD but not right now.
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  14. Hey guys I just finished my story's chapter 15 tell me how you like it
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