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  1. While I would love to share an excerpt of the chapter I'm writing for the story none of you have read, I realized, as I skimmed through what I have done, that not one interesting paragraph is appropriate. 
  2. Well, I'll be sure to read it when you post!
  3. Someone get me coffee lol. I'm working on chapter 15 of Dragon Tale now.
  4. *gives Utho a mug of coffee* :)
  5. Can I have some apple juice? I'm working on my 4th chapter
  6. Here you go, Glu! -puts glass of apple juice at the table.-

    Free wi-fi if you buy a drink. =)
  7. Eh ill pass im just using word on my laptop. Thanks for the apple juice though mmmm real apple juice too! Not that juicy juice crap that's 50% pear juice. Such great service :p
  8. Lol, we make it here, fresh every day! And I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that!
  9. This is a bit random, but how old are you GlooMi? If you are uncomfortable with the question I totally understand. Just curious, because you're mature as a 15-20 year old, but you ordered apple juice?Just curious. I'm fifteen if you must know.
  10. Hello bastion, I hope you aren't going to turn this paradise into some brawling ring.
  11. Bastion broke up a friendship, between me and WW1225 just because he didn't get what he wanted.
  12. So if you want to kill another part of me, emotionally, go ahead, destroy this entire thread.
  13. Heres the first few paragraphs of my book the dreamer's nights. The plot is complicated but it deals w magic insanity romance but mostly the nature of truth. I apologize for typos. Its hard to type on iphone.

    Awake, asleep, dreamer or dream; these things mean little anymore. There comes a time when the distinction fades into the fog of rationalization. Shapes and shades of physical reality drunk on fermented dreams hold no comfort for me. Am i awake? Is this reality? Does it truly matter? It did in the beginning...

    Awake but not awakened. It seems like forever that i had searched, digging through new age texts and older lore; studying religions, and picking pieces of each for my endlessly morphing philosophy. Nothing fit easily and each shaped thought had to be trimmed, until the whole of my mind was warped with the chaos of a thousand ideals. Still i held no manifestations. Still reality would not bend to my will. 

    Occasionally i conjured a wild coincidence. I would cast a spell for healing and the next day my cold would be gone. The exuberance i always felt fell quickly dead when i again tried to accomplish the same goal and failed. 

    I blamed my faith. I accused my willpower. Often i fell beside my exuberance praying for an end. 
  14. @Ace

    1) I would prefer if this thread stayed intact.
    2) If we could not turn this thread into a fight, I'd really appeiciate it. If you must, take it to the walls.
    3) Bastion is one of my good friends, so please stop, or leave the café
  15. I am sorry, irin, bastion is your friend, I don't know how, but he has hurt me one too many times.
  16. @Distance, really intresting! I'd love to read more.

    @Ace, it's okay, but I find that fighting only re-opens the wounds of the past. It's better to go your seperate ways. Plus I'd like this to remain a peaceful place.
  17. Believe me, I wish the same.
  18. Great idea irin!!!! How r all ur storys going!!!
  19. It isn't really the past, it just happened an hour ago.