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  1. You published a book???
  2. There are actually quite a few published Kaw'rs

    Rumor has it Salty was JK Rowlings
  3. Yes, fineurly

    Dread is actually George lucas.
  4. LMAO
  5. Yo, Its ya boy Ricegum here, I keep it simple of how the mission varies- different positions I got ya girl in Static, and it ain't just missionary, been dirtier than dysentary-my ravens/ravin/rave in distance varies
    Master with the sword I have them dissin parried-repost they be speakin fiction fairily
    Off-then dig they grave no need to hesitate my assault with the dictionary
    He thinks words will save him-thunk- over his head in his plots he be fightin frail
    I get them clean kills Static, one with the shadows, no pointless babble ya facin a Nightingale
    The pale horse, a ghost that lives where silence dwells, but I only give the ups (giddy up)in the prism of my rhymin cells
  6. Thought I'd share with you guys my content on the law freestyle thread, originally created by yours truly
  7. Thought I'd share as well.
  8. Your sick
  9. If you read it wrong, wouldn't that make YOU sick? Probably should lay off the Frappuccinos there, kiddo.

  10. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. :lol: that took a turn
  12. *sips tea* FF is dead :cry:

    But I have something cooking 
  13. Poetry night sunday
  14. Irin!! Welcome back!
  15. Hello hello! Seems a little quiet around here...
  16. Yeah, no so many frequent faces anymore :( wc tends to be a lot chattier than forums now