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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by *Irin (01), Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Add a sick beat to that and drop a mixtape. Definitely a top contender for the Oscars
  2. Roses are red,
    Handcuffs are naughty.
    If you ever leave me,
    They'll never find the body.
  3. When it is night
    he wanders
    When the streets darken
    He comes
    under your bed
    He waits
    And when you sleep
    He strikes
    And you lay in rest
    Not Knowing you'll never see the light
  4. Holy crap this has a lot of comments


  5. Damn I remember when this thread was first created! It's been awhile 
  6. Just a while lmao
  7. Your account isn't even a year old but you remember a thread from 2010? Lol, alt?
  8. Irin was really cool. Wish they'd come back someday.

  9. Lots Of cool players in the KaW graveyard, but I wish the well being out in RL rather than this quagmire.
  10. Wow!I'm surprised this is still at least semi alive! I remember when I made the 10,000th post on this thread. 
  11. Wow talk about reviving old threads. This was a few months before I downloaded the game in 2010
  12. Damn AJ, how's it going? I haven't played this game for a year and half or so. I have no idea what's flying.
  13. Going pretty good for me. You? I can barely keep up with myself let alone KaW *Moon face*
  14. We'll yah that's why I barely play anymore. I don't have much time to play, and if I do I'd rather spend it doing something that's more enjoyable for me.
  15. I like seeing all the forumers of old. Would love to see what they'd think if they came back to the game.
  16. I would play more if I could use my phone at work.

    To keep in spirit with the thread:

    After about a year and a half of work, I've finally finished the first book of my series. By finished, I mean I have several being printed now that I'll be selling later.