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  1. my apologies, i didn't realize ff was back in at, i was keeping this from dropping back in ff pages, not the active ones.
  2. If there's no problem in our Ipod when I post in forums then maybe I am now in chapter 5 or so...
  3. Now this is really nostalgic
  4. Haven't seen you in a loooong time.
    Weren't you a mod?
  5. In other news, I went to the city the other day and went to the monologue rehearsal for Jimmy Fallon's the Tonight Show. After that, I went to Seth Meyer's the Late Night Show (not the rehearsal, the actual show), and it was awesome.
    Of the three media ads I saw around the city, some of which around Times Square, I saw ads for Insurgent (which I plan on watching next week Sunday or something), Get Hard, and...
    Game of Thrones coming out on April 12! I can't wait for Season 5!!!! :)
  6. So, I got a question for all you pro writers out there. So the first part if my story, it sounded pretty good. But the second made me sound like a five year old. What should I do???
  7. personally, i'd take a step back and look at it objectively. what type of language did you use? what exactly makes it sound childish? (if you'd like, i'll beta-read it and critique)
    sometimes, when i'm writing, it can sound bad or childish if i force it - when i let the muse come to me it turns out a lot better. try writing from prompts or just freewrite to get in the zone?
  8. Two parts to writing:

    Creativity or how you want the story to be
    -free writing. "Being in the zone,"



    Changing your original thought process to what it needs to be.

    You cannot do both simultaneously. My advice is to write out all the chapters first, wait a few weeks, then re tackle it.

    If it burns you now, work on it paragraph by paragraph for 30m a day.
  9. also, if you have a plotline pre-set out, it's okay to change it if you feel like it, especially while writing. one of my short stories evolved a ton while i was writing it and it turned out great-- sometimes having to stick to a strict plot kills inspiration.
  10. Extremely sound advice there. And I agree. Don't rush your story. If a passage you write doesn't look how you want it to, don't get discouraged. Take a little break, and go at it at a different perspective.
  11. If you have bunch of ideas, write them down in your story. Don't care how you write it. It might look and read like crap, but at least you have it down. Then go back and edit it. When you edit it, you control how the story sounds while still keeping the plot line you wanted. Switch sentences and paragraphs around, and your story will be improved greatly.

    Write like crap.
    Then edit.
  12. Grr! It happened again! I had write alot, I had burn a lot of our gadjet's battery then it will all just gone simply!!!
  13. ...what?

    Also, happy 4/20 everyone!
  14. I got writers block so bad I dropped out of community college
  15. Wow can't believe this thread died.
  16. There are a few writers that stay in kaw that didn't write these days so most ppl wouldn't mind to say their problems because they don't write or they don't have much flaws....
  17. No I'm obviously a Digimon.
  18. Hi everyone! I'm new here and was just wondering if you had any tips for giving each character a unique "voice". :D
  19. Voices are hard for me, I struggle making them original.

    what I try is to get the back story of the character in my head when I write their lines.
    Nationality, upbringing, personality, etc. A well educated, affluent character will have different mannerisms than the streetwise hustler or the working class Joe.
    If your characters are based on earth, then make sure they speak the lingo of the country they hail from, using britishisms or aussie slang or ebonics, etc...

    Even for fantasy characters, create a lingo for the country their from and stick to it for people of that nationality with slight variances based on other factors like education etc, like I mentioned before.

    Someone living in one country, but born in a different one can have a speech that blends the two together. For example, someone raised in France, but living in england, would speak english, but revert to native tongue in times of stress. i.e, swear in French.

    Hope this helps. :)

    p.s forgive grammatical errors in this, writing on my Tab and its hard to edit, lol.
  20. I have been thinking about your question some more.

    Another way to personalize a voice can be how it sounds. If your character is impetuous and hyperactive, they would speak faster and blurt out comments before their brain to mouth filter kicks in. Maybe they are a quiet and reserved person, who would speak slower and ration their word usage.
    They could have a rough voice from say, too many years of smoking and drinking, or a smooth and seductive voice that attracts the ladies. Maybe they could be a small person who has a deep voice which suprises those who hear it, not expecting that tone from them.

    just a few more ideas... :)