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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by *Irin (01), Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, Check Out LoKaW: Resurrection, sign up.
  2. Hello! How're you all doing? 
  3. Do you guys write...anything?
  4. Well, I was bored, and I usually write good stuff
  5. We kind of just inhabit this place. Not that much writing sadly. FF is desolate and gloomy.
  6. i write pretty frequently, i've just fallen out of the habit of posting it since i'm not around much anymore.
  7. If you do write, not many see it and even less reply to it.
  8. Yah sorry. That's the current state of FF, since it doesn't go to the Active Topics.
  9. Well its kinda nice that its not in the limelight of forums. Its like a little corner to sneak away to and write.
  10. Which of these should I write???
  11. I know, Bacon, but even so it's a bit depressing. It's like a ghost town.
  12. Which of what lord?

    And we just need more writers :3
  13. We need to get in AT to get writers. And even then, people come here and see how dead it is and don't bother to share their work. Honestly I've given up on that aspect of FanFic. Now it's just a nostalgic graveyard.
  14. the only reason i ever end up here is to check the cafe and occasionally comment on someone's stuff if it's good enough for me to make the effor
  15. We have some new things in FanFic that you guys aren't even commenting on...

    Doing my best to give this area a jolt.
  16. I am doing a RPing event!

    Posting about it soon. It will not be your typical Rp. :)
  17. As long as it's good, and enough good writers are in it, I'm willing to give it a try.