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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by *Irin (01), Jul 20, 2010.

  1. i don't, is it good?

    i'm leaving for a week-long camping trip in north carolina, so i won't be on all week, btw.
  2. Ahh... that's too bad. Try to get wifi if you can. ;)

    And yes, you should definitely watch Game Theory. It's smart, and just fun to watch.
  3. Just finished the third season of Spartacus (War of the Damned). **** you history for being SET IN STONE! Noooooooo! :( :( :(
    I was ******* crying at the end.
  4. "If [discrimination based on gender] is so bad in our affluent county, why is it that I, a cishet white boy,"

  5. welcome to the Super Amazing End Card Tournament!

    This week: How games can get you a real girlfriend, or how creepers work! Just click the annotation!

    *Returns back to the shadows, depressed for a reason I'm not sure of*
  6. *tries to think of something witty to say*

    *gives up*
  7. So did you just start watching Game Theory, Dragon?
  8. No. I've always watched it.

    I was quoting it
  9. In other news:

    On this other 3rd party game I play, the storyline is nearing the end and I'm so hyped for nerdy reasons none of you would understand. -3-
  10. So...Are you guys ever going to write something..or.. :p
  11. So I just spent the last 3 and half hours ish building my new PC which I dub; 'Quailmeister'.

    Still installing Windows but all logic and my money suggests she will be pretty beastly.

    Here's a picture of the beauty…
  12. Dayum.
    How much did she cost?
  13. About £1100 including monitor but I managed to get Windows 8 and Office Professional for £40.
  14. after four hours of work on my last-quarter photog final i swear to god i'm going to set my laptop on fire ;A;
  15. After 20 hours on BF4 in one week I think I'm going to keep playing.
  16. Ew, too buggy.
  17. For PC.
    Xbox is pretty smooth I guess.