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  1. @Phoenix 2126

    Auto-Correct thinks "^be" or any other word with "^" is a word and auto-corrects me.
  2. @Phoenix last page

    Creepypasta is the official creepypasta site everything on reedit is probably a Copypasta (pun intended)
  3. Also I will usually reply as I read try to find my last post and read from there so anybody else who has anything to say feel free to reply.

    Don't expect me to reply for awhile though.
  4. This place is still open?
  5. I don't know but I'd like to join.
  6. you don't really join as much as start talking, there hasn't really been much conversation lately, but feel free to start some up!
  7. ^Kai said it.

    By the way guys, PC Master Race people, the Destiny Beta was awesome! I feel bad that y'all couldn't experience it.
    Halo and CoD mixed together; Campaign and Multiplayer integrated in a smooth, awesome, comradely, and fun format.
  8. Dangit! I was too busy fixing my computer. Something's wrong with the wiring, so I've been tinkering the past two weeks when I meant to get Destiny
  9. I saw GoTG last weekend.

    I almost peed. :p
  10. I feel really bad for you. It was amazing. I played it to death, literally. Clocking in around 20 hours in around 2 days and 2 nights. (Each on desperate days over the weekend.)

    I let my inner hardcore gamer out.
    The hitboxes are massive btw. I hit headshots incredibly easily, seeing as how I'm usually a good sniper.
    High K/D's are fun as hell to get.

    Dragonite- GoTG? Game of Thrones G_____?
  11. Guardians of the Galaxy, Pheonix.
  12. well i picked up my ds and played like 10 hours in a day.

    i didn't remember pokemon to be so freaking difficult...
  13. Get Fire Emblem awakening. So awesome.
  14. Thank you for not saying "Wii".
    Everyone seems to have a ******* Wii.
    I ask them "So what console do you have? PS, Xbox?"
    They shrug, and say "I've got a Wii".

  15. it's actually a pretty decent console. drop the "elitist gamer" act, because honestly, anything that you can game on is a legit console. nobody said anything when everyone had a ds instead of a playstation, so why say the wii isn't a real console? if i remember correctly there are just as many ps/xbox games as there are wii games, so i don't see the point in making a big stink about it. also - people might not have the money or means of getting another console, and it's best to drop the elitism so you can actually pull your head out of your ass and realize that nobody is better for having a s-called "real" console over a wii.
  16. It's the fact that gaming is kept at a completely casual level with the Wii. I can sit on my Xbox with a few friends and have a good time. On the Wii it's like; okay guys, let's play cod. Now I just need to shoot this guy in multiplayer.
    He continues to miss every shot. It's not that it might be a good console, it's just that everything is so ******* hard to control with the remote that you're stuck spraying and praying in any normal FPS games.
    And you don't see games like Skyrim, Fallout, Fable, etc on Wii, do you? That's because the console just isn't powerful enough to run them. Sure those games might be good on them, but the don't have it on the console because most game making companies have forsaken Nintendo.
  17. the wii isn't really that hard to control, honestly, because if you practice it's hella easy to aim and control and such, and it honestly doesn't matter that wii gaming is only casual? like some people don't like the intense stuff or can't handle it so the wii is a great console - just like some people can't stand the wii games so they go for stuff like skyrim, etc, that take more concentration, skill, and a better machine (which some people can't afford). it's really only what you like to do. don't get me wrong, i love skyrim and fps just as much as the next guy, but i've had a ton of fun playing wii tennis and mario kart, too.
  18. also, the gaming industry hasn't abandoned nintendo, there are some games that've made huge profits and as far as i know work solely (or mostly) on nintendo platforms like legend of zelda, pokemon, and animal crossing.
  19. Yes, but Nintendo still has to step it up if they plan to remain in the big league (though they are forever ingrained there because they kind of started gaming as a whole). The Wii U failed incredibly.

    On another note Dave, do you watch Game Theory?