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  1. Para's a nerd.


    Love y'all.
  2. Unfortunately, Choco knows me too well as that is the sad truth…
  3. I can't tell ya'll how good it feels to see that this thread is still here.
  4. I can't tell you how god it feels to see that you're actually still alive. If only the devs would let FF into AT.
  5. This place seems so desolate right now...not at all the Fan Fic I knew three or four years ago...

    I should apologize for being gone for so long, but I know it's not worth much since I've said it so many times. I was looking into some of my old works, decided to reboot one of them. It was the first story I ever posted on here, so I thought I'd check in. How've you been, Phoenix?
  6. I agree Irin. I was here three-four years ago, and it was much livelier
  7. Pheonix is pretty much the only person here on a daily basis.
  8. Hey! I'm here too!
  9. I'd say I hate to break it to you, but I'm not going to, I'm going to relish in it.

    Nobody cares about you Secret, all you've done is right mediocre at best stories that no one reads because they're all basically the same; don't act like you're relevant because you're not.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not relevant, I'm not trying to boast relevance over you, just don't chip in like everybody cares about your opinion.
  10. I'm still kind of sort of here....

    I've reached that point with KaW where it isn't as fun as it was to me when I'd ^be on it all day...It might ^be that a lot of people I knew had quit (unless they came back like everyone does 99% of the time) or it's just I've squeezed this fame dry playing 24/7 for the past few years...

    So now I'm popping in every few weeks, at the most, at least a month or 2, for around 5 6:00 in the morning.


    And just because I feel there's some animosity in the post above me, I'm not claiming to ^be relevant either. :(

    Half the people I see on forums now though I don't recognize anyway.
  11. It's probably also do to RL drama (too much drama in the world IMO :|)

    And the fact I couldn't find a clan that would accept me considering how active and motivated I was at the time of my activity-ness (made up words yay).

    I even got kicked right before an EB ended probably missing my drops because I wasn't on for an hour while a waited to regen. -.-
  12. That's too bad Dragon. There are actually a bunch of clans that don't care if you're a bit inactive...

    Also, what's with you're "^be" thing? I noticed that 3 times in your post on last page.

    I'm doing pretty good, Irin. Working in a day camp... It's pretty fun, and a good use of my time. What are you doing?
  13. -_- Have any of you all see DM_Reach_DM's thread? Because the Hypnotic-Octoworm that never existed if you searched in the Battle List is somehow now alive and with over 8m cs
  14. And Irin, choose to believe what you want, it doesn't matter to me. I am on the younger side of teenage years, and I can say this: My life's goal is to be an author, but I've yet to find suitable education to help me along. Yeah, you might be thinking that I'm lying, and it's whatever in my opinion. Yes, I understand my stories completely suck, they're usually stupid, and that you are technically asserting relevance. So you can choose to believe what you want from what I said, but know it's the truth. The only thing I really gained from reading your post is that you utterly hate me, so peace️
  15. Para... That really was uncalled for. Are you sure you're not Feather? Because you certainly sound like him, besides for the last part. But even so, that was completely distasteful.
  16. Ouch.
    I'm terribly sorry I've offend you Phoenix, although I am missing the ego as you mentioned.
    Maybe I could borrow yours and fulfil my dreams of being Feather.
  17. I'm not even going to try and fight this.

    Either way, I've seen Cheese once in the past few months. I've also seen Candi around I think... And DaveStrider is around and will respond to PM's from what I've seen.
  18. I thought my story was alright. :-/
  19. Children, be nice to each other.

    Or shut up.

  20. So, hello. o/ Yeah I'm alive too though none of your probably care about me.

    Para, even though that might be true, all of us started somewhere. Don't be that guy who shoots down someone's dreams and makes them feel horrible.

    Hey Irin, Candi, Phoenix, and Para. And all of you other people I don't know.