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  1. So I've been gone for a bit so I'm going to post what I've learnt.

    1. These Bob Marley headphones are dreadfully and my £10 JVCs are better at half the price.
    2. Stabbing yourself on a compass hurts.
    3. Like seriously, I think I have tetanus.
    4. Having to walk to school for a fortnight whilst I had a flat tire is too much effort for a nerd.
    5. I love walking through red lights in front of small children because;
    - They think I'm hella cool.
    - It annoys the parents because the kids want to be as hella cool as me.
    6. Steam sales will be the reason I live in poverty in later life.
    7. I'm really good at consuming lots of chicken.
    8. Japanese is too hard for my simpleton Brian to process.
  2. 9. My brain is so simpleton I cannot proof read and confuse names with organs.
  3. You alright Para? O.O
  4. No one's just alright in this place.
  5. Amen to that.

    Please read my story too!
  6. Should I get a gaming PC, or an Xbox 1 possibly with a slightly less expensive (up to $300) PC?
  7. Gaming PC. I love my one but PC master race.
  8. If you're going to buy a PC as well, you might as well get a gaming PC.
    They are surprisingly affordable even if you get a pre or custom built one.

    Also, Xbox One sucks, if you are going to go with a Gen 8 console; PS4 wipes the floor with Xbox One.
  9. Hello all!

    lets expand our Kaw history! Pm me if you want to write!
  10. Yes, but I would like to get Titanfall, and also continue my favorite series: Halo.
    So for Xbox I would be able to get Halo, Destiny, and the ability to play casually as well as competitively, while a PC could not get me Titanfall, and there's not as much casual gaming.
    Plus games run into all sorts of problems when you're installing/logging on, I heard.
  11. @LastSentence - on a Gaming PC.
  12. 1. Halo went crap after Reach or debatably after 3.
    2. Titanfall is on PC, just on EA's crappy steam ripoff; Origin.
    2. Every heard of indie games? You know, things like Minecraft, SMB, BoI, Terraria, Starbound, Wasteland, DayZ. They're okay, pretty casual I guess…
    Oh wait, they're only casual and almost EVERY SINGLE INDIE GAME IS ON PC. Yeah, thing about PC is it's even more casual because it's a PC; you can hop onto YouTube, Twitch, social media like Facebook or Twitter, and then if you decide you want to play games you can.
    PC can be the most casual medium bar maybe handhold; because it's the only form that doesn't brand itself as a 'GAMING console'. However it has the largest plethora of games available because almost every game you see on XBLA or PSN has gone through PC, or is going to; where it will become even better due to the fidelity of a PC (cough, Dust: An Elysian Tale, cough)

    Also, 'bout that Brazil game, I have but 3 words; Laughing Out Loud.
  13. Plus for competitive, consoles cannot do it.
    Unless you want to be 'MLG' and only ever play fighting games, consoles cannot compare to PC.

    On a PC you can host servers full of people that have signed up for a competition or just a couple of friends.
    Everyday, thousands, literally, of people watch MOBAs and RTS like LoL or Starcraft being streamed to Twitch and commentated.
    Alternatively, FPS games like Counter Strike are played at an incredible high level but you can just play with friends or pub games.

    And that isn't even all of it, get enough friends or go to an organised event like Dreamhack and you can compete in LAN parties, a bunch of people all on their computers playing with each other.
    Lots of case manufacturers make cases designed for LAN which are incredibly light and sometimes have handles.
    The new line of Corsair cases will have variants with a handle and the new Lian Li cases are very light.

    Competitive can never compare on console to PC.
  14. But what about the community? I keep hearing that old games go dead pretty quickly as a new one comes out. It's also hard to find a full server on, say BF4 a few months after it comes out. Is this true?

    And also, are games hard to set up? My friend was telling me that his friend had a problem with Titanfall, and it took him (my friend) 3 hours to fix it, even though he's very good with computers.
  15. Well BF4 was a buggy piece of crap so that probably contributes to something.
    And no, the main reason most games you can't find a full server is because their loads that can have more people and nobody uses matchmaking. Using a server browser is better because you can find what you want with the ping you want.

    As for games being difficult to set up, I have only had two games with any problems to set up; Bioshock and Fear 3.
    Both were sound problems and there were guides on the Internet so that I could fix in less than 5 minutes.

    The one downside is shoddy ports, some games, for example Dark Souls, get sent to PC but PC isn't the main objective for the devs so the ports can end up running weirdly; for example, bad mouse control and lag, menus not working with the mouse, input lag from the keyboard.
    So when getting AAA games on PC from companies that have a bad history, Ubisoft are okay (cough Watch_Dogs), sometimes it's best to hold off buying them until PC specific reviews come out.
  16. Please explain what you mean by:
    AAA Games
    Server Browser

    Keep in mind that I don't live on my own, and therefore I'll have restricted Internet usage. So server "browser" sounds like it needs the Internet to use.
  17. AAA games are games that have the highest cost of development and promotion. So pretty much every game you'll see an advertisement for, or any game made by a big company like Ubisoft, EA or 2K.

    A server browser is what most people use to find servers (I think, I do…).
    Opposed to on console where you just say what game mode you want to play and matchmaking finds you one, you can see every single server that is up. Of course you can fine tune your search to find fuller servers and better pings.
  18. Okay. So by using server browsers (now that you explained it, I have used one of them before on Halo: Combat Evolved a few years ago on my comp), the smaller community shouldn't have much of an effect on me?

    Also, I need to talk to you sometime in full about this. Because you know your ****, and we're talking about ~$600 here. I want to know what I'm getting into before I would buy my PC.