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  1. quietly whispers conchita is queen
  2. Eurovision is an annual song contest that is held amongst the countries in the European Broadcasting Union, or EBU for short, and has been going on since 1956.

    It is broadcast amongst all the countries in the EBU whether or not they actually get into the final, which is the only stage 98% of the viewer base actually watches.

    A couple of classics have won and have been catapulted into international stardom like ABBA winning in 1974 or Bucks Fizz with 'Making Your Mind' in 1981.

    Anyways, skipping all the history and all the stages, in the final countries generally vote for their mates.
    So Ireland will pretty much always give the UK at least some votes so we don't get nul points (we don't talk about Jemini).
    Macedonia generally give Greece high points, Portugal normally give Spain high points, and the Scandinavian countries vote for each other.

    The scoring system system works by voting by country. After all the songs have played, there's an interval period when you can vote. Then comes the voting stage, where it goes to every country that entered (normally around 40ish) and they give the results of that country's vote. So which ever country gets the most votes in a country will receive 12 points, the next best get 10, then 8, then 7 through 1.

    But when it comes to voting for buddies, all the Baltics will give Russia at least 8, but without a doubt, Ukraine always gives Russia 12.
    Until this year when Russia kind of ****** up with Crimea so every time Russia got more than 7, they got booed and Ukraine were so fed up with Russia then got a pathetic 4 points.

    Nobody likes Russia.
  3. It's just a singing contest, right? What's with all the politics?
  4. Because politics are in everything. Everyone wants to look good to someone else, so if Ukraine gave Russia a 12 (I might sound totally uninformed around here), they could be viewed globally as those guys who just smiled and took what Russia was doing - nobody wants to look like a pansy. It might be a dance competition, but everything means something nowadays.

    Also it's not that nobody likes Russia, it's that Russia's kinda bullying its way through this stuff. I doubt that many people would be happy with this - it's close to what Hitler did before that whole World War II thing happened.
  5. Would someone mind telling me why the name of Germany's dictator in WWII is censored? I mean yeah he caused hell for several years, but come on - his last name isn't a curse word.
  6. Haha.
    I'll hitler you to high heavens.

    Huh. It's censored.
    Either way, I do understand what you're saying, but it's still a little too... Serious.
    Like this game, for example. People make it sound like their life, which in some cases it is, I think.

    Also, S4Ep6- Lord Tyrion: "I demand trial by combat" and all that...
    So totally frigging awesome.
  7. Some of the best acting this season.
  8. The new Godzilla film was pretty swanky.
  9. ^Good to know, I was planning on seeing it in a week.
  10. Swanky meaning good, or bad?
  11. Good! I certainly recommend it if you enjoy monster movies.
  12. We can never let this die. For Irin.
  13. Pretty much all of the FF members left.
    I'm one of the few still remaining. :(
  14. I'm here a lot, I just don't post. It's been a really long time since I joined, I think my two-year anniversary is in two months. Damn. I've been here for a really freaking long time.
  15. I'm close to three and a half years old.
    Though I had an eight month break, and I don't play all that often. So thankfully I haven't wasted *too* much time. :/
  16. i wrote some scripts for a stop motion series, similar to pingu. Would show you guys a few but they all caught fire when i got angry with my impatience and lack of ideas. :(
  17. wheezes keep the cafe alive guys
  18. Any good stories being written?
  19. I wrote a slam poem type thing, anyone interested in hearing it?