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  1. Welcome to The Writer's Café, a place where Writers can sit down, have some coffee, and share what their writing! Share your poems on poetry night, every Sunday! Share tips on how to beat writer's block, and even post sneak peeks of the next chapter of your book!
    Remember to have fun, and good luck with whatever your writing!
  2. Knowing KaW, this is going to see sooooo many bar fights xD. But this is an awesome idea! Really cool.
  3. Well I'm starting a new book called journey to tartarus
  4. Yay! You made it!
  5. I'm just starting the first chapter
  6. @Summers, I bet your right. And thanks.

    @Gandalf, that's cool, what's it about?
  7. A boy whose sister is taken captive and a long search to find them I'll post first chapter on here wen I can
  8. @Gandalf, sounds cool! And remember if your apart of iWrite co. They can edit for ya.
  9. Ok but I don't really get on with bastion
  10. Oh, alright then.
  11. Gandalf, I love ya man, but I just feel like maybe your clan isn't farming the right people. Or you are. I don't know.
  12. Ok sign me up then
  13. I'm stuck for a name for my male main character and his sister any suggestions this is gonna be a real book so no copyrighted names
  14. Awesome. Okay post ideas there we will help you out.
  15. Great idea!
    An exert from Endgame's chapter 4.

    With the battle over, we rushed to the ledge and looked down at Moragana's dead form and saw a figure hunched over Moragana's body. It was clearly trying to drag the body away, but was having difficulty beacause of its claw like weapons. Someone fired a shot at it and it ran off.

    The rest will come tomorow.
  16. The suspense is killing me!
  17. Hey I am writing a book called The Greek Soldiers. It is for a project, but hopefully a good book too. It is about two best friends who live off the west coast of greece, on an island called Ithaca. They both go to the oracle and find out they are being sent to war. When they go back home they recieve a letter telling them they are going to war, officially, almost instantaneously. So they set off for the Trojan War, they try to set sail, but 3 things happen, Odysseus and Achilles aren't there, and the biggest of all NO WIND. After all their problems are solved, they reach troy after a year. They land on shore, and are attacked instantly, right upon landing. They make it through the battle. The two best friends fight for some years, and then one of them dies. (forgot a large part of it: one has the powers of Zeus, and the other of Poseidon) the one with Zeus's powers dies, and gives all of his power to his best friend. So the best friend now has two swords representing the powers he now wields. He goes throughout the rest of the Trojan War enraged, killing several Trojans with simples slices and stabs. MORE TO BE REVEALED!!!
  18. That is nowhere near the climax!!!
  19. Wow, that sounds really cool! Can't wait to hear more of it!