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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Sep 8, 2017.

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  1. After buying the greaves is there another need to collect Solaureate Ingots ?
  2. Yes, you need the ingots to upgrade the greaves into a better version.

  3. Re: when I search player names and then try look . It loads for a hour and nothing. They destroying osw so can make more off ebs :(
  4. I've no idea what ATA is trying to do every update just screws something else up,after the last one my side legend has vanished,droid tablet in use,it's as if they want ppl to quit this app,then they can say we never shut down you left.
  5. I can not upgrade the greaves using the new ingots. When I check the upgrade information in Mage, it tells me to use bottled- beetle ingot for upgrading. (The bottled-beetle ingots are the items from old events). This is obviously a glitch.

    I sent feedback to devs but got no response.

  6. How many times do you need to upgrade these till they're maxed ? What's the maximum level of Ingots needed ?
  7. What a load of rubbish the ammount of items dropped on this new eb..very dissapointed devs

  8. If this follows the last one of this type around $2k running Murderous to get the initial ingots to get to lev 10.
    Then another $1k running NK and hopefully get to 40k for the final uging ingots that are used in the final ugs,with no final stats given I'm not sure if the pants are worth it.
    If the new ebs aren't run this event is basically worthless I've got the pants ug'ed 3 times and they are worse than any other pants I've got.
  9. So why doesn't the ee leaderboard and PvP leaderboards give any of this stuff to upgrade the equip? I remember last time they did...
  10. Times have changed, the best equipment is now awarded to those who war the least and dont do any PvP... Just hit ebs lol
  11. Where is the gold dugorum key? It's says that you can use it to open the Basnath box. Can you get it with gold or do we have to pump money into absolutely everything? If you have to pay to play just charge up front instead of changing your app to vacuum out our wallets!
  12. What will be done with lamps if we have excess after the event?
  13. Does anyone know what We use the blessed tallow for? I've got 7K ish. What good is it?
  14. Why does this new eb drops rubbish?? People would expect u to bring out something worth doing!! Very dissapointed
  15. It's for a side legend

  16. Side Legends,they need to be increased new ones should automatically start once you complete the 3 levels.
    Also the number of rai crests should substantially be increased its a joke that you need to complete a full set of three for enough for a build ug,that's if you are lucky.
    LL crests should be removed from the main Legend and rai crests added there.
  17. Side legends come out automatically once they are released to everyone if you have completed the 3 levels from the previous one. If they came out as soon as you're done with the 3 previous levels were done it would make the later ones even easier.

    Also the amount of OR plates you get is ridiculous already. A player your size is probably doing upgrades that are over 9t a go. That's 3t a side legend. That's ignoring all the other stuff you get. The balance is pretty damn good tbh.
  18. Lmao why the hell would you have excess if you're using em to open the eb running NOW? 
  19. If you dont use them, I'm pretty sure they will remain as excess duh
  20. Where can I find these side legends where I can spend my Blessed Tallows?
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