The Witchqueen's Pall

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Sep 8, 2017.

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  1. Thank you my only issue is this is too cheap, after NK I want an eb to help separate me from the poor players. Thanks again
  2. We as a community collectively asked for varying events and they have delivered, idk what these noobs are talking about
  3. lol?
  4. Oh change the blooming record... Premium EBs after premium EBs
  5. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Welcome to Server Shutdown Shenanigans!

    Don't forget, Harvey then Irma are gonna be hitting the very areas where the undersea Fiber Optic Cables start through the Atlantic Ocean from US to Asia.

    So Asians be prepared to have very slow speed access to US servers over weeks if not months into the future.

    Let's see what else happens.
  6. so like do we get to preview the diff types of eq?
  7. ATA are probably Gameloft developers vets.

    If not, then they would make a great fusion /shrug
  8. I demand an xtal because I have arachnophobia.
  9. F i x. D r o p s. Bc hansel dropping 6 xtals with 300% on NK gets 900. 10 Mcs acc hits 5 pots get max of 5 k. 
  10. Try hitting less, maybe you'll get more since BC sized builds probably overload the eb drop system. If that doesn't work then idk

  11. Yeah im not close to bc, and i only need to xtal twice and hit some items to get max drops ob nk (with 300%)
  12. Just curious why the blessed tallow part of the legend isn't mentioned? Once you're done with it and it disappears is there anymore? I'm thankful for it, makes upgrading easier . .. but I want more... lmao 
  13. I am also not receiving any tallow from EBs anymore. Legend is currently stuck on 2.7k tallows for me :-/
  14. Broken logic. Hitting less=more items. Tried it and resulted in less drops anyways. Skimmed on NK got 10 items total
  15. Drop rates are stupid as hell for all these lame ebs
  16. The pain weavers are only decent for the ug'ing drops the rest are complete crap,with no indication of the pant stats I'm wondering if it's even worth hitting it anymore.
    But the devs are smart as the amount required for the ug's can only be gained running it,again only spending $$$ is the only way to get equip.If the normal legend n side quest drops were higher it may be worth it,but as it stands now not worth the effort as you will never get to 40k on the legend to get the final ingots for the final ugs.
  17. This entire event is geared towards large accs spending to open the eb. The drops are so low for large accs so they are forced to blitz which requires xtals which takes money. This entire event is geared towards people spending more money on top of what is already being spent to open the eb. Those large accs who worked hard not spending a dime skip this event as is a waste of your time 
  18. Cross the Atlantic from the US to Asia?
  19. we cannot see any keys to open st. Avandor's Reliquary
  20. I cant buy these lamps, ive updated game, uninstalled reinstalled, still dont see them in defense, how do i fix this
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