The Witchqueen's Pall

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  1. The Witchqueen of Neshia-Ysania has placed the commander of your armies under a powerful curse! You must find the means to break it before it takes his life!

    NEW Epic Battle

    New Premium Epic Battle Available ONLY during The Witchqueen's Pall until September 22nd at 12:00PM PDT.

    5 Challenging difficulties are available to provide challenge and reward to all sizes of players! Grab your clan and take on Basnath the Painweaver.

    To start Basnath the Painweaver you will need to use the required number of Hygor's Lamp which can be purchased in the Defense Section of the Marketplace for 5 Nobility Points each.

    Each difficulty has it's own cost to begin, as follows:

    Painweaver's Parlour = 4 Hygor's Lamp
    Painweaver's Parlour (Crushing) = 10 Hygor's Lamp
    Painweaver's Parlour (Fiendish) = 16 Hygor's Lamp
    Painweaver's Parlour (Murderous) = 26 Hygor's Lamp
    Painweaver's Parlour (Diabolical) = 36 Hygor's Lamp

    If your clan manages to complete this Epic Battle players will be rewarded with Solaureate Ingot, Sanctified Blacksalt, Katthras Herb, and if you're lucky, Basnath's Box.

    Solaureate Ingot

    Solaureate Ingot drops as a reward from every Epic Battle completed during the event, with Basnath the Painweaver having the greatest drop rate.

    Players can go to the marketplace to purchase Witch-hunter Greaves, and enchant it through to earn Godly Witchbreaker Cuisses!

    Increasing the Level on new Equipment

    How do I level up my Equipment from 0-10?

    Great question! Increasing Equipment Levels will only be available AT THE END OF THE EVENT. Each level increase will cost 1 Empowering Solaureate Ingot which is available as a reward at the end of the Event.

    For each piece of equipment the cost to enchant are the same!:

    Levels 1-10 cost 1 Purple Empowering Solaureate Ingot

    Levels 11-13 cost 1 Golden Empowering Solaureate Ingot

    Basnath's Box

    A New Chest dropping from Basnath the Painweaver! To open this box a key is purchasable from the marketplace MAX ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS.

    This could contain:
    - Aevum Circle Pieces
    - Health Crystals
    - Hygor's Lamp
    - and other premium items

    The value of rewards from the box is always greater than the 25 Nobility cost of the key, though rewards are random.

    Check out the Legend Tab for more details!
  2. Is this new eb just recycled old man eb?
  3. New old man/tide of woe. Lit 
  4. Why should we just keep spending when the app isn't being maintained,there's that much crap in our inventory we can't even tell what's what anymore,also get some new servers.
  5. And i havrnt been able to login for 4 hours on my phone cause of some server bs
  6. The only thing the Devs are interested in now is the $$'s no interest in their product.
  7. How about paying rewards from Last legend before starting another one
  8. Durga Durga
  9. I don't want to spend a dime on some eb that I may not be able to hit because the server is down.
  10. Is there going to be any war rewards???
  11. Yeah Dev have forget the 7th/8th Kaw Anniversary for this year :)
  12. Leaderboard clock is one full day ahead of collection time clock. Leaderboard clock is at 13 days 20 hours, while collect witchbottle clock is at 12 days 20 hours. I also wasn't able to log in for 6 hours.
  13. is there a clan achievement for this? doesn't look like clans are getting it
  14. What the hell is going on with the server today maybe you guys should fix that instead of make these crappy ebs so you can make a quick buck
  16. Where's the guide for this?
  17. Stop being so greedy for our hard earned cash a nice free eb would be nice even if it's only for a few days
  19. we cannot see any Hygor' s Lamp at defense section - market place, pls let us know when is available, ty.
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