The War Thread

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -BenDover-, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Hai Der,

    Delta here introducing the... yes THE war thread.

    Instead of clogging up AT with 1 vs 1 an stuff like that, post it here.

    Challenge people, state you are going to war, start a war and finish a war.

    Just don't make another thread and ruin AT.

    Peace out homo.

    P.s. if you troll or hate I'll cry :twisted:


  2. War declared on OP 
  3. *sighs*
  4. Whilst I'm also pissed off with the low-effort **** in AT, I doubt this will work.
  5. :cry:

    Meh I thought it was worth a try due to the sheer number of 1 vs 1 idiots ruining forums.
  6. Lol successful thread? I think not.
  7. There's already a thread like this
  8. OP I find myself slightly confused by the contradiction in your status...

    Anyway, pretty much the same as Lycan. I wish people would post all that **** here, but I doubt they will.
  9. Good idea but won't wirk
  10. @IBB it was created for that banners.thread in at
  11. Ahhh now it makes sense. Cheers :)
  12. I actually hope this works.

    However, and Im sorry op, the thread itself is low effort so I doubt it does. :-/
  13. As this thread is about war, how often do Estoc wars take place? Whenever you want or every Sunday? I'm new to this rubbish.
  14. What else could I have put?

    A guide on how to war lmao
  15. Every weekend, nice referral achievement btw
  16. ....I think every weekend anyway lol.
  17. Me? Cheers lol....

    And thanks for clearing that up, havnt been around when the devs released it.
  18. Really people asking for more effort for this thread?!? This isn't a bed time story. This is where people put their stories In... And I'm pretty sure there has been successful threads smaller than this before :|
  19. @ Snowman: There have. I once got 25 pages out of 7 words. Having said that, that was old KaW... Forums have rapidly gone down-hill since then :|
  20. Ibb I think it's still going downhill :( loads have left an now there are.spammy.noobs taking there places :cry: